Friday, August 26, 2011

Soup Du Jour

Lookie Looksee what arrived just for me!!
Yesterday in the middle of all the hurricane preparations a sweet package arrived to brighten the day!
Inside the envelope was this great tin all decorated and labeled for the bead soup blog party.
Kari Carrigan of Wee Gems is my bead soup partner and I hope she recieved her soup mix today too!

Opening to see just a glimpse of all the surprises that await-

I am SO EXCITED that Kari sent me some of her gorgeous lampwork beads to cook with! Aren't they incredible? The blues and greens with silver accents  *swoon* and the others look like she captured the colors of the beach inside!
She also sent me 2 options for focals, a beautiful lampwork shell and a heart, a silver toggle clasp, matching pearls and czech glass and 3 of her charmed pennies pendants!
Oh look, a chicken!
Kari must have been reading and really paying attention because one of the pennies has chickens on it, one has a bird in a nest and the other says Photography chick on it.
Thank you Kari for taking the time to make your selection for me personal and for your generous lampwork.
I can't wait to get started!

I just heard from kari and her soup arrived today too and she hopes to blog about it soon so in the meantime I will show you this-
This was the teaser picture that i posted when it mailed out

And here's what was in the soup mix. Looks like kari and i are kindred spririts when it comes to colors huh?
Looking forward to the big reveal on Sept. 17th
You can check out Kari's blog here


  1. Oh boy Laura, you and Kari are going to have a lot of fun playing around and creating with each others bead soup mixes. I love the lamp worked beads with the silver bands and the copper etched triangle pendant you sent Kari.
    Oh yeah I was having a conversation with one of my co-workers the other day and I got off course so I said "Oh look a chicken" and my co-worker looked at me like as if I had lost my mind! :-)

  2. I can't believe that you partner managed to put so many gorgeous beads into that tin. And I am just salivating over the ingredients that you sent out.

  3. So funny this reminds me of me and my last partner we sent similar colors to each other! Both of these are yummy!


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