Sunday, December 4, 2011

I Heart Macro ~ Tenacious

Today is I Heart Macro over at Studio Waterstone .
It's been a few weeks again since I have gone out and focused on the little things in life and i have really missed it, while tending to all the big things like work and preparing for the holidays and family visits.
Looking out my windows from the warmth of indoors, everything looks dead and barren and wintry.
But upon close inspection this morning I find that nature is tenacious.
The strawberry leaves are coated with color and frosty sprinkles.

Long after the delicate petals of the lillies and iris have gone, the weeds still bloom and sprout life. 

Some of the bushes pose as holiday cards 
The salvia still basks in the morning sunshine, soaking up the dew and warmth for as long as it can 

The winter blooming camellia provides a tender contrast to the evergreen leaves that surround it.
So much beauty to appreciate when we just take the time to notice.
Hop on over to Lori's to see what everyone else is appreciating this morning!

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