Saturday, April 20, 2013

Focusing On Life 52 Weeks~ Week 16 ~ Take A Walk

This is the view through the front door
from the inside of what used to be our children's playhouse 
 turned garden shed.
I designed and decorated this old door to look like stained glass
using the lead lining in the tube and stained glass paints back in 1991.

You see, for the prompt this week we were told to take a walk.
So I did.
Down Memory Lane.

I did not realize at the time how difficult this walk would prove to be.
This past week we began the monumental task of cleaning out and tearing down this old shed.
As much as we hated to do it, the floor had rotted out after it had settled lower onto the ground and some of the trim boards and roofing and siding had bad areas too so we decided to order a new one to replace it.

But during the course of this week my emotions went the way of the demolition.

Upside down and inside out.
And I soon realized,
Nothing would ever replace it.

The year was 1991
the shed was original to our house
dirt floor ,open door, typical old outdoor tool shed.
We had covered the failing wood shingled roof with tin prior to this
and after building a larger outdoor storage barn/studio  the year before,
decided to convert this into a playhouse for our daughter
who had just turned 7. 
 Our son who was 2 at the time, would later get a fort of his own, complete with trap door.

We had salvaged the door from a renovation we had done on a rental house and cut it to size.

Ready for occupancy except for the front steps.
We planted some camellias in bright pink
and even added some pink gingerbread trim to match the wraparound porch on our house.

Inside, I painted the floor with porch floor paint and stenciled designs around the perimeter.
My husband built 2 bunks onto which we placed air mattresses and even a handmade quilt.
We hung a closet rod to hold all the dress up outfits.
There were storage drawers and boxes to hold items like play food and dishes,
dolls and clothes, art and craft supplies.
No this was no ordinary playhouse, it was a dream house.

There was a ladder to a full carpeted loft above for even more play area.
There were sleepovers out here, more plays and pageants than I can count with neighborhood kids, food was cooked in the play kitchen, babies were fed and bathed and put to sleep and imaginations were nurtured.

With the exception of the first 4 photos taken this week,
the rest have been culled from photo albums and scanned .
It was the process of looking through those albums
seeing all these pictures
finding myself way down memory lane
 that a flood of emotions came over me
taking me back
making me realize the significance of losing the playhouse.

I found myself wanting to go back to these days,
even if just for a little while
duck my head and enter
sit to a tea party with my hostess
most likely dressed in a gown, play makeup and all,
and just soak it all up.
Enjoy every moment without feeling like there was something else I should be doing,
places I needed to go, errands to run, work to do, half distracted
the way most mother's feel at that time in their lives.

Since that is not possible,
I will have to content myself with these photos
and all the wonderful memories
have a good cry
and start over with my grandchildren.
Tea anyone?

I would also like to thank everyone for their comments last week, I have been unable to respond yet and visit everyone's posts but I will work on catching up over the next 2 weeks as I will be away again next week at Art and Soul.
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Focusing OnLife 52 Weeks~ Week 15~ Aged Beauty

It was a beautiful sunny warm morning
All of the vendors were busy spreading their wares
on tables and blankets and even the dew kissed ground.
The hunters and gatherers, wide eyed with anticipation
already scanning the vista, the aisles of treasures
just awaiting their moment of discovery.
Excitement was in the air along with the smell of
fresh donuts, kettle corn and breakfast fare.

A small crowd had gathered in front of one vendors table
always a good sign, drawing others in
something wonderful must be here, so much interest.
As I glanced quickly so as not to miss out
she called to me, so loudly I could hear no other call
"May I see that brass pin?" I found myself saying
reaching past the other hunters who were suddenly quiet.
"I'll take it"

 Burying my treasure in my bag until later
I walked away, giddy over what I had found
But it wasn't until much later, this week in fact
with the aid of my macro lens
that I came to appreciate her true aged beauty.
The intricate handwork which went into her creation
what I once thought was just silver filigree in the background
showcasing vintage rhinestones and pearls,
turned out to be a labyrinth of seed beads
in mother of pearl and silver lined crystal.

Behind every aged beauty lies a story
a past history
a mystery to unfold
I will wonder about hers.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Focusing On Life~Week 14~Up Close

 Looking at any object up close transforms it into an unidentifiable landscape,
a scary terrain seemingly from another planet
complete with hidden caves and stalagtites

 It can even sometimes take on human characteristics
like these hands and fingers which seem to reach up out of the ground to grasp an object

You can see well defined patterns and rows of shapes that would otherwise go unnoticed

And textures not visible to the naked eye

You begin to wonder,
what am I looking at?

Then suddenly it all makes sense.

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