Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Heart Macro- My Cup Runneth Over

Believe it or not, I tried to do this post 2 weeks ago for I heart Macro Sunday over at Studio Waterstone and due to a whole lot of technical difficulties, am just getting it done today!

Don't you just love the architectural details on this handle?

The handle  belongs to this beautiful, well loved , silverplated cup that was gifted to me 2 weeks ago.

Cindy Wimmer and her wonderful family, (hello boys!) stopped by to visit with us at our restaurant and near the end of dinner, she reached into her purse and handed me this gift, wrapped in bright pink paper.

While on their trip to Adamstown PA a few weeks prior, she spotted this and thought of me and picked it up. 
Just writing those words fills me with such gratitude for such a sweet, thoughtful friend, my cup runneth over!

As if it's even possible to be more special than that, it is engraved with my name!
The workmanship is amazing, the details of the chased flowers, all so different, you can see lily of the valley, daisies, roses, sunflowers and what I believe are forget me nots.

The hallmark on the bottom even has a set of scales, another coincidence, I am a Libra!

Thank you Cindy for such a meaningful gift but most of all for your friendship, I will treasure them both!

PS, as a result of the above macro shot, which helped me to be able to read the hallmark, I did a little investigating to find the history of this piece. I just love history and find the history of a particular piece sentimental and romantic.
Anyway, it seems Meridan B Company was the Meridan Britannia company from Meridan Ct. of 1852 which bought Rogers Bros in 1878 and later joined other firms to create the International Silver co. in 1898.
This particular piece is a child's presentation cup, in the Aesthetic style, quadruple plate which they say is the best and not done after 1900.  188 is the pattern number for the leaves and flowers and dated to mid 1800's. How very cool is that??
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