Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life!
30 years ago today ( my we were so young then!)
Our invitation read:

This day I will marry my friend
The one I laugh with
Live for
Dream with

I am happy to say that 30 years later I still feel the same way and more!
It hasn't always been easy but i'm glad we stuck it out and worked through life's trials and are getting to share in the rewards of our hard work.
Everyday i receive a thought for the day in my inbox and ironically this is today's , I thought worth sharing-

Friendship and Love
Friendships or marriages based on "dire need" or physical security are doomed to fail if each person in the relationship does not grow beyond his or her limited ways of thinking and reacting.

The ideal relationship is one in which each partner strives to grow. It is an ever-expanding commitment, mutually supportive of healthy interdependence. A healthy relationship encourages the seeking of wider mental and spiritual horizons; it is never threatened permanently by them.

TODAY Do I give my loved ones enough room to grow? Do I encourage my friends or mate to do things without me? Am I threatened by change or do I welcome it? Do I have the courage to do things on my own, even if my loved ones do not give me support? Do I have the courage and consideration to share my changes with those I love?

Let the purpose of all marriages and friendships alike be the deepening of the spirit and the enrichment of the soul.

You are reading from the book:
The Reflecting Pond by Liane Cordes

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  1. Happy 30th Anniversary to two wonderful people!! Your love story is an inspiration to all who love you...have a wonderful day together ..love you, Mom


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