Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have a story to tell, but that will have to wait until another time right now.
We just arrived back home last night from a 2 week Florida visit and are in the middle of sorting mail, checking emails, unpacking, catching up with the kids and grandkids, restocking the fridge and all the things that happen when you arrive back home.  For now I will leave you with this-
I have been collecting interesting old postcards for years now from flea markets and antique shops. This was found at a local antique shop here on the shore. As you can see the postmark is 1938 ,way before our time. Our last name is Twiford, descended originally from 3 brothers who arrived from Twiford England. My husband's name is Ray and he has a younger brother Jack.  Here on the Eastern Shore is a family of Twyford's, obviously whose postcards these one time were. Onley is a town about 25 minutes from me. I couldn't believe the coincidences when I found this postcard and I especially love the printed description on the top back of the card-
Florida, land of sunshine, is the winter playground of the Nation. Every known form of outdoor pleasuring is pursued without the necessity of considering weather conditions -- for winter skies are always smiling and December breezes are as balmy as May.


  1. Oh my gosh, Laura! I got goosebumps reading this post ... it's amazing! We're up here until next Thursday when the Clampetts go to Tucson!

  2. That is absolutely incredible !!! What a great find ....did you notice Bok Tower in the card ??? Miss you already...as Mickey would say ..." See you real soon !! "Love you, Mom & Dad


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