Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Little Catchup Please?

(Photo of boardwalk style handcut fries from our restaurant and yes, i know how to spell ketchup)

This past month has been so full of good things, but I admit, i haven't taken the time to download my pics and process to blog about it all until this morning!
I will try my best to keep it in chronological order and to the point.

Sept. 19th- Son left for Norway for work again
Sept. 21st- went out to lunch for our 31st anniversary and Ray had these gorgeous roses waiting for me at our table -top left( he's a keeper!)
Sept. 22nd- left for Artbliss for 4 glorious days
Sept.25th- returned home to the bouquet on the upper right, a tradition Ray does for my return when away ( even though i told him not to after the roses) Bottom right , when i returned the roses had opened fully and I have to say were some of the prettiest roses I have ever seen!
Also while away, the tuberose FINALLY started to open and bloom. The buds had been there for, I kid you not, over a month!
What you don't see written here is all the prep and gathering that takes place to be able to go away for 4 days between work and tools and charm swaps and packing etc.

Speaking of charm swaps, Anne was our hostess for this years' swap and did such a fantastic job i told her she probably would have the job for life!
She made up bags for us with our names and a checklist on the back to check off who we gave to and received a charm from, so organized!
She had her charm and gift bag attached to the bag with a bracelet blank also for us to be able to attach the charms if we wanted.
I created my charms for the swap from an original collage of mine under glass with attached czech glass beads and matching envelope.
I chose to photograph the charms for you here in their packaging as so much time and care goes into each one, the packaging is just as special!
We all enjoyed swapping and eating pizza and then Jenn, provided all the supplies and taught us all how to make a box out of scrapbook papers! It was so cool, I can't wait to make more! She said she would post the tute on her blog also.

This is the best part of the retreat. Look at all those happy smiling faces, full of Bliss!
The top shows the instructors along with Cindy and Jeanette and  assistants. They all put on an amazing retreat and if you can you need to start planning to attend next year. The caliber of instructors coupled with the great venue and attention to details which Cindy and Jeanette are so good at makes this a premier retreat in my book. This was my second year attending and I'm already looking forward to next year!

The fire alarm went off at one point and we all had to evacuate our classrooms until the fire company appeared and gave the all clear. I joked that they came to put out Bette's smokin hot credit card!

Wax on with Deryn Mentock was our first class on friday and we all had the best time in there discovering the secrets the bezels held! It was my first foray into encaustics and I'm hooked!  I really think we all could have stayed and just played and made more and more! 
Saturday night we also took the Boho Hoops class with Deryn
I had 2 classes with the fabulous Richard Salley.
The first was Lasting Impressions where we created our own etched copper stamps which we then used to stamp into hot solder and bezel set a stone for pendants and earrings.
The last class i had was on sunday called Watch This and while I was most excited to take this class, i left after lunch before finishing my piece as I was getting really tired and knew I had a 4 hour drive home and bad weather ahead. I'll post pics when I get to finish it.
(L-R, Jennifer Davies-Reazor, Heather, Carol, Richard, Bette, myself)

One of the best things about retreats is the after hours visiting with friends old and new, laughing until the wee hours and sharing stories and lives.  I miss you all.

Clockwise from top left-  Wax on pendant, BoHo Bliss Hoops still awaiting their danglie stones, Lasting impressions pendant with carnelian, and origami box.

Oct 6th I celebrated another birthday, (my husband's is today, and we will celebrate together tomorrow at our daughter's) and my daughter had us over for a special dinner and this custom cake complete with dragonflies, butterflies and lillies! ( she's a keeper too!)

Then I was asked to go on a field trip (literally) with my granddaughters class to a farmstand complete with pumpkin picking, hay rides, corn maze and all kinds of fun things for them to play with. We learned all the different types of pumpkins and gourds and I even came home with a neck pumpkin as they told us they were the best for cooking as the whole neck of the pumpkin is seedless flesh that isn't stringy and makes the best desserst. I plan to try to make pumpkin butter with her one day this week and if it turns out well, will share the recipe.
It's been a long time since I was on a school bus and I can testify that the ride has not improved.
 Not. One. Little. Bit.
That same week was grandparents day at their school and we went to share that fun too!

Also, a lot has gone on behind the scenes that i can't share with you yet. I have the blog book tour reveal on friday and have been working on those pieces, I am involved in a round robin and can't show that yet either and I have also been trying to catchup around the house after the busy summer, excavating my bead table and workbench and various surfaces in my house. I am also taking a couple online classes which I will leave for another post.

It is all what i enjoy most about this time of year, settling back in, getting domestic, enjoying family times and the wonderful weather, clear October skies and slower pace.
Hoping you all are enjoying the same!  See you friday!


  1. Wow, a jam packed blog post full of wonderful stuff, yet all I can think about are those french fries lol!! They are just about my favorite thing in the world though!!

    Looks like you've been having awesome amounts of fun!!

  2. Fun photos! I love my little artsy lady with wings charm! Look at all the beautiful work you created at ArtBLISS!

  3. Oh, my goodness, you have been so busy. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy everything! I have Art Bliss on my calendar for next year. So see you there!

  4. It was a blissful weekend, wasn't it! Fire drill and all... The charms are lovely, I have them all laid out to blog and play with - but I am simply enjoying them for now! Happy Day to you for all of those flower occassions!

  5. Hello, I really enjoyed this post. It looks like such a good time. I love the energy of your blog.

  6. Beautiful post! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hear ya about catching up.....still working on it!
    Love all the ArtBLISS pics! Me and Jen don't look to bad at 12am! LOL!

  7. Laura, so happy to finally get to see your ArtBLISS pics! But to start this post off with the photo of Ray's Shanty french fries, that's not fair! Now I want some, nice and hot! :-)
    Ray is such a sweet guy - with the flowers he leaves in wait of your return. I enjoyed the smiling faces at ArtBLISS. It really was a blast. Now it seems like another life time ago. But the good news is that Jeanette and I are busy with next year's plans. We met just yesterday!
    I love seeing what you made at ArtBLISS - you took some fabulous classes and looks like you created many happy memories with the Tribe!

  8. So great to see photos of my fellow Tribe mates and all the other lovely ladies I know from the ArtBLISS, but wish I was seeing y'all in person!

  9. I had a really good time at ArtBliss and am still so touched that you gave me a charm!


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