Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winds of Change 2012

Mary Poppins, Walt Disney Pictures 1964

"Wind's in the east, mist comin' in.
Like something is brewin' about to begin
Can't put me finger on what lies in store
But I feel what's to happen, all happened before"

First of all let me apologize for being AWOL with no explanation for the past 2 months.
You see, Ray and I closed the restaurant right after Thanksgiving for the first time in MANY years for a much needed break and went to Florida.
I had hoped to be able to blog without giving my location away for reasons of security, being in business I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to announce to the world that we weren't around.
The problem is everything I wanted to blog about would have done just that. Then the longer I went the less I knew how to say anything about it at all.

So, here I am, having arrived back home this past week, trying to catch up with my blog reading and getting settled back into a routine readying the restaurant to reopen on Thursday for the season.
As soon as i upload and process the thousand+ pics from 2 cameras I'll share some here.

In the meantime, thank you to those of you who wrote to me privately to check on my whereabouts and to keep in touch.

As stated above in the clip from Mary Poppins,  2012 is bringing with it some changes, I hope you'll be with me along the way.


  1. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your much-needed trip!

  2. Welcome back, Laura!!! I have missed you and have been checking back on your blog. I knew you were in FL but didn't know when you were returning. I think that was very smart not to advertise your whereabouts - people share too much about their location online oftentimes, and forget it could jeopardize them!
    I can't wait to hear all about your trip south! And I can NOT believe it's time to open the restaurant again!! That long-awaited break went by way too fast! I guess that means it will be a matter of time til we pull up with a van full of kids looking for those yummy hush puppies.....

  3. Missed you and welcome back. I'm happy you had a chance to take an extended trip to FL. I can't wait to see what you've been up to.

  4. Oh you lucky lady! I was wondering where you'd been. Hope Florida was restful and rejuvenating. Welcome home.


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