Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tales From Beadfest

Last August, upon my return from Beadfest Philly, my daughter told me she wanted to go with me next time.
Now, this might not seem like a big deal to most of you, but growing up, my independent daughter wanted to be everything I wasn't and nothing that I was.
So I was only too happy to give her this trip as her birthday present in March.
We got up around 2am on thursday, left by 4am and arrived in time for our first class at 8am, casting resin with Debbi Simon.
We both really enjoyed this class and Lindsay even purchased some bezels and filled those before the end of class.
The seed has been planted.

Afterwards, since the expo and shopping didn't open until friday, we made our way to our hotel and then drove around to see what was nearby. After a nice lunch Lindsay spotted this wonderful ice cream shop, Zwalen's right across the parking lot from the hotel. How convenient!

One step inside and we knew this was the good stuff. The aroma of freshly made waffle cones and home made chocolates filled the air.  It was different than any place we had been as they always have fresh vanilla and chocolate ice cream but each day they also add an additional flavor and it changes all the time.

That evening I had a tabbed bezel class with Linda Larsen. It was a big class, 20 students , and while I finished the pendant base, I still need to sand and polish as I didn't bring any of the finishing stuff with me.

I think the technique will come in very handy for odd shaped found objects. I just used a czech glass button in this one.

Bright and early friday morning we ran into Sally Russick who made a last minute decision to come down and take a class and do a little shopping just for the day. So glad to have been able to spend a little time together.

Then came Lindsay's classes. 
Michaels design academy offered 45 minute classes in a large booth right on the show floor. I think this was great to offer so those who have no beading and jewelry experience can sit, have everything provided for them, tools and supplies, and make something they can wear immediately.
Everyone has to start somewhere and most people who have never taken a class before might be intimidated by the supply lists and expectations of a more advanced class.

I gave Lindsay 3 classes, the first was a memory wire bracelet, the second a necklace which combines stringing and chain an the third was an earring class.
So for little investment in time and money she picked up all of the basic beginner skills.
Yes, I could have taught her, but like the instructor said, this is like having someone else teach your child to drive.
I figured she could get the basics here in this environment and then I could take her skills further if she is interested.

So then it was on to getting supplies to make more.
I gave her a set of beadsmith tools to get started so she concentrated on picking beads for projects already swirling in her head. She had the classic " I want one of each" response when she saw these combo sets in Jesse James Beads booth.

For those of you who love to work with bead soup type collections, this is for you. 2 walls of components called design elements and inspirations.
A quick stop by Barbara Lewis' booth to say hello ( Barbara was still in NY so I left the message with her son David) and let her know that i would be ordering some enamels soon as I didn't have time to get my list together before leaving home.
All those luscious enamels sitting on the shelves were just calling my name. This is where I have the "I want one of each" moments! 
After the show closed we met up with Cindy Wimmer, Jeanette Blix, Sandi Volpe, and Roseanne for dinner at an Italian restaurant within walking distance to the hotel.

Then hit the ice cream shop on the way back.
Ok, twice I know, but we did walk and you spend all day walking the show floor.  
Lindsay and I came home Saturday and both headed out to work at the restaurant that evening.
These pretties were waiting for me when I arrived home, I am a lucky girl indeed!
On Sunday morning, Lindsay said to me " I left my tools in your car and I wanted to make a necklace last night when i got home, I had a great idea!"
Congratulations, you've been sucked into the vortex!


  1. Oh, so much fun! Your daughter is lovely and I love your last line about being sucked into the vortex. Your tabbed bezel is just lovely. I see David Lewis in the background of one of your photos. I've been fortunate that I've gotten to take Barbara's class twice at her St. Pete location (I'm three hours from there). I envy all the folks who live just driving hours away from all the fun like Bead Fest and Art Bliss. Sigh. Maybe one day.

  2. Laura, I sure enjoyed reliving the weekend by reading your post! You took some GREAT pictures!! What a whirlwind for you, starting out with a drive in the early a.m., and ending with heading back to work. Isn't it amazing how much can be packed in to less than 48 hours?
    It was so nice to finally meet Lindsay....she really is the spitting image of both you and Ray. You two have such a nice relationship *sigh* to have a Mom that enjoyed beading!! :-) I can just hear the pride when you talk about Lindsay...and I could see her pride in her new creations. Nothing like wearing new earrings, a necklace and a bracelet that you just made that day! This really could be the start of a new Mother, like Daughter? :-)
    I so enjoyed dinner with you both and ice cream afterwards. That would be so nice to do more often. Thank goodness we have these retreats to get together in the meantime. And Ray! What a guy....I knew he'd come through with a bouquet for his sweetie. You've got a great catch there, Laura! :)

  3. What a wonderful time you two had!!! It is so great that you are growing in your relationship - even if it IS SHARING AN ADDICTION! I know!!! I love sharing "jewelry" with my daughter.

  4. The only thing you forgot in this post was " MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA" lol it sounds as if you evil plan has worked and she is completely addicted! lol XOXO

  5. Great post and I will be taking Richard's class with you, yipee, see you in May!!!!

  6. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I sure could use one of those chocolate apples about now!


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