Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and Reconnect

I have never chosen a word for the year but for 2013 I am choosing the word " Reconnect".
According to the Oxford dictionary reconnect means " to connect back together, join again, reestablish a bond of communication or emotion."
During 2012 on more than one occasion I was finding myself very disconnected from self and many things that have always been important to me.  The year seemed to take on a life of it's own, whisking me along like an unwilling object floating away downstream, unable to grab at a branch or root to be able to slow down or stop.

Health issues left me feeling somewhat out of control and disconnected to my body. 
I seemed unable to find the time and energy to blog on a regular basis or even keep up with emails and correspondence.
I have a mound of greeting cards on my desk, everything from get well's and thinking of you cards, to birthdays and anniversaries that I very diligently ran to the store to pick up on time and then never got in the mail!
My creativity was next to non existent in 2012 with the exception of works made in  the few classes I took at different venues. My studios never got organized and workable.
We spent so much time between work at the restaurant and renovations on the rental for my son who just moved out Thanksgiving weekend, at times there didn't seem to be enough room in my brain for anything but those myriad of decisions.
 I never really felt like I caught up in any area of my life last year so instead of trying to catch up, I am just going to approach everything as new and start fresh. I am thinking that will take a lot of the pressure off and make the tasks at hand a little more enjoyable to take on.
I have found myself relating to past events as if they took place this past year when in fact they were in 2011! I have said often I feel like I lost a year. So I guess my new word could even be "found" but I'd rather reconnect.
I want to reconnect with all that I love and is important to me, family, friends, home, domestic joys,  photography, art, clay, jewelry.  I want to be able to enjoy these things again and not feel like everything has become a chore that I need to keep up with but rather springs from a genuine desire to do them.
I wish you all a blessed New Year, filled with love, health and all things that fill your life with passion and happiness!


  1. great post Laura - it captures a lot of how I feel too :-) I wish you all the best in 2013 - I know it will be a great one!

  2. Hi Laura, I was thinking I want to come for a visit in the spring and connect, maybe we can do a creative play date:-) I hope 2013 brings you peace, love and joy!!!

  3. Laura, I want to "reconnect" with you and Ray the next time you're in FL. I've definitely lost touch with a lot of people who I really enjoyed being with. Write when you have time. xo

  4. You're not the only one who missed most of last year. :) I hope we can all find the energy to find the goodness we've been missing.

  5. So eloquently said. I hope you are enjoying your stay in Florida. Happy New Year to you and Ray!

  6. Laura - HAPPY NEW YEAR. I so want to reconnect with YOU! :-) I totally hear you and I should adopt this word as another focus ....mine is "Intentional". I don't normally do the "word of the year", but this year I wanted to try something different and said, why not? :-) I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you. And I hope we can catch up soon.

  7. Wish you a very healthy happy New Year too. I enjoyed reading this post of yours. Be blessed. Dita


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