Friday, April 12, 2013

Focusing OnLife 52 Weeks~ Week 15~ Aged Beauty

It was a beautiful sunny warm morning
All of the vendors were busy spreading their wares
on tables and blankets and even the dew kissed ground.
The hunters and gatherers, wide eyed with anticipation
already scanning the vista, the aisles of treasures
just awaiting their moment of discovery.
Excitement was in the air along with the smell of
fresh donuts, kettle corn and breakfast fare.

A small crowd had gathered in front of one vendors table
always a good sign, drawing others in
something wonderful must be here, so much interest.
As I glanced quickly so as not to miss out
she called to me, so loudly I could hear no other call
"May I see that brass pin?" I found myself saying
reaching past the other hunters who were suddenly quiet.
"I'll take it"

 Burying my treasure in my bag until later
I walked away, giddy over what I had found
But it wasn't until much later, this week in fact
with the aid of my macro lens
that I came to appreciate her true aged beauty.
The intricate handwork which went into her creation
what I once thought was just silver filigree in the background
showcasing vintage rhinestones and pearls,
turned out to be a labyrinth of seed beads
in mother of pearl and silver lined crystal.

Behind every aged beauty lies a story
a past history
a mystery to unfold
I will wonder about hers.

To enjoy some more aged beauty head on over to The Studio Sublime.


  1. I would be yelling out too if I saw the pin, BEAUTIFUL. It is so intricate and I wish it could talk, I bet it has a great story behind it.

  2. Oh wow, Laura, you did find a treasure! What a wonderful piece!

  3. A lovely piece, nicely photographed!Intriguing!

  4. Gorgeous pin. what a great find and your post told a great story.

  5. Wow...what a beautiful find and an amazing story too...I really enjoyed the way you wrote this moment too...Awesome!

  6. Your thumbnail called to me first from all that were up. Sparkle and shine! It really is intricately made

  7. Yeah, she does make you want to know her story...

  8. Beautiful find and pin. Truly an aged beauty!

  9. Lovely in her old age. It captures one's imagination...

  10. what a pretty, pretty piece, but i confess, i'm more intrigued by the back! wow, the intricate workmanship! i cannot imagine how it was made, and what skill it took, but you got a real treasure there!
    have a great week :)

  11. Laura, I had to click on your post the minute I saw the thumbnail of this golden brooch over at Studio Sublime! We are kindred I read your words, I knew that feeling of excitement you get when you know you have found a treasure. Just look at the rhinestones and pearls! You sure found a beauty!!

  12. That's lovely... I'm staring at it wonderin how she made it... The brass 'wall' around the backing doesn't look soldered so did she gouge out center to place the decorations? I'm sure you could look at that piece for hours!

  13. What a lovely description of the great lady! So sorry I missed you girls yesterday! Love, love to you!!!

  14. Love, love that pin! What a wonderful treasure and find.

  15. What a truly lovely pin. (Insert squeal, here!) Your photos are just fantastic and I too would love the hear her story!

  16. Hi Laura,
    Beautiful find! It is amazing how us jewelry disigners and makers can single out a beautiful treasure is a sea of other items.

  17. I've never seen anything like it! What a find. Congratulations! ; )

  18. Imagine the hours that went into that, what a great find.

  19. what a great story and fantastic find! really an aged beauty I'd say!

  20. As usual....a great post & the is just beautiful...wonder who owned her & all the places she went on beautiful Victorian dresses...loved it all...thanks...what a good eye you have for beautiful things...

  21. Gorgeous find! it's such a beauty - with so many untold stories...

  22. What a true beauty you found! I love the detail!


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