Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Who Do I Think I Am???

"Just who do you think you are young lady?" I remember hearing that as a child , most likely after having said something smart or seemingly disrespectful to an elder, and clearly at the time the answer was "a smart ass kid who was getting too big for her britches", but I would promptly answer "nobody" for fear of what would come next.
Well, I just turned 50 at my last birthday and I find myself asking this very question of myself. I feel as if I have had to redefine myself for the umpteenth time. Every stage brought with it a whole new definition of who i was or was supposed to be. I am now at a point in my life where i feel sort of lost. I hope to find my way through journaling here and with the support of dear friends by my side i know i will arrive at an answer. I firmly believe that I can't know where it is i am going until I look back over where I've been. So I will look back over the different points in my life that have brought me to where i am and hopefully along the way i will rediscover who I truly am and where I need to be going.

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