Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Every year , family and friends gather for the annual 4th of July harbor party picnic, held at the harbor on Chincoteague Island. All of the boat slip owners get together and have a picnic/party which ends in watching the local fire company set off the annual fire'works display on the carnival grounds. The fireworks are visible from the dock which makes it a perfect place to watch from. The kids ( now all growing up) always ask my husband to go sit on the bow of our boat and watch from there, this year being no exception. It was especially nice to have our grandkids there to celebrate this year. We all shared a feast of hardcrabs, steamed oysters, clams, scallops, steamed shrimp, grilled vegetables from someone's garden, fresh vegetables and dips, salads of every description, fresh salsas, hot dogs, hamburgers, and carribean jerk chicken, cakes and pies and puddings oh my! We had a birthday cake to celebrate my son in law's birthday, I made chocolate covered strawberries and Ray and i made snow cones for the kids. Food and drink was followed by sparklers and then the fireworks. A good time was had by all!

I am dedicating this post to my nephew and Godchild Daniel who is currently serving somewhere in the gulf, on the USS Truman out of Norfolk, Va. It is because of all the men and women like him that we are able to sit home comfortably and celebrate our freedoms, relaxing with family and friends, having a cold drink and watching re-enacted bombs bursting in air! May we never forget how we got here! May God Bless America and all who love, serve and protect her!


  1. Hi, there my talented girl !! I am so happy & excited for you that you are enjoying this "blogging " thing...You know how I feel about journaling & putting your thoughts down on paper....this is an awesome opportunity to do that for yourself, family & friends...enjoy this new adventure that you're starting...may you find everything you are looking for ...I am so proud to call you my daughter...I only hoped I helped shape you a little into the artistic, creative woman you you more than you could ever know !!! Have fun....always, Mom

  2. Thank you for all your love and support! I love you too and am blessed to have you share in all these adventures with me! You have always been creative in your own right, your poetry and words have been a gift and inspiration to everyone lucky enough to know you. I know I have dragged you kicking and screaming out of your comfort zone at times, encouraging you to spread your wings and try new things, so you never know, maybe one day in the not too distant future, i'll be commenting on YOUR blog!!!Loving Hugs, Laura

  3. Thanks for the loving words ...I loved going " kicking & screaming " with you wherever it was...thanks for not giving up on me !!! I thought about you last night & all the wonderful things you have learned over the years...your talents amaze me & fill me with so much pride....I hope I can be a cheerleader for you for many more years to never know about the blogging thing...I just may join you someday but I need to hear your voice whenever I can...I hope I can live up to your you bunches, always, Mom

  4. Hey there....just to let you know I'm thinking about you...what wonderful things are you up to today ???? Been missing you...know you are so busy with the restaurant & all your other obligations...hopefully will talk to you you always, Mom


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