Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Again??? Really???

Ok so what's up?  Forbes,  really? All of a sudden we're on everyone's radar! Very cool though! check it out here.


  1. Good morning !! Oh how I enjoyed reading your latest blog...you brought back so many memories...hopefully happy ones for you....I feel so badly that you didn't go for your art classes in high school....where was I ?? Why didn't I help you do that ??So glad you are following your heart now...don't give up on what makes you happy...you are so talented & deserve to explore all your choices...I still do love the story of you getting off the bus with the end table !! It tickles me no end...love you sweetie, Mom

  2. Wow! You guys are famous! I have a friend who's there with her four young sons ... so obviously it's a family kind of place!


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