Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Off To See The Wizard....

The wonderful wizard of GLASS!
Yesterday my husband and I took a daytrip to Richmond, after finding out just last week that this exhibit was taking place! It meant driving 3 1/2 hours each way but it was well worth it!

Doesn't he look happy? And yet he was the one who opted for the headphones and recorder and was walking around telling ME all about the pieces! I think it surprised him how much he actually enjoyed it! There' nothing like seeing work like this up close and personal, it is overwhelming!

Now me? I was excited from the get go! I had seen a Tiffany exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY many years ago and knew just how spectacular it was to see his work in person.

While we were unable to take pictures of the exhibition, there was an Art nouveau wing as part of the permanent collection that I was able to take pictures in.
There was works by Mucha-
And another love of mine, Lalique-

And Dragonflies and moths and butterflies of every description

After leaving Richmond we made a stop in Virginia Beach at the Harbor Freight and had a fun time shopping for new tools. I really wanted this wooden workbench they had there on sale, really sturdy, plenty of room for metalsmithing, 5 feet long, yeah, that can fit in my Prius!  Oh wait THAT's the box it's in? Nevermind, will have to wait until we have the truck! The Chesapeake Bay was beautiful and slick calm as we crossed the bay bridge tunnel to head home.  All in all it was a wonderful day off!


  1. I wish I was there to go with you, honey...it looks wonderful...I love the Lalique pin with the pearl...just gorgeous !!! Reminds me of your beautiful creations....so glad you had Ray to go with ...he is a wonderful guy !! What a nice thing to share with the one you love !!!Love you both, Mom

  2. hi Laura. Beautiful post plus I just wanted to say to you that I may be teaching in Virginia next year as a late add on. shhh, it's a secret for now. xo

  3. Wow, Laura, what a long trip...all the way to Richmond in a day! What a beautiful exhibit.
    Saw your post on the Homesteader's site, was this the workbench that you purchased? Or did you order one online? Got your sweet email too and will be in touch...leaving for FL tomorrow, but will be back before school starts. :-)


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