Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Gift

4 Years ago yesterday we were given a most precious gift, our first grandchild, Savannah.

She loves to spend time with us doing anything we are doing and she loves to use my camera to take pictures, so it was a no brainer that this year she would receive her own for her birthday.
Now I know enough to know kids don't want a pink non breakable frustrating picture taking camera. They want one just like yours. I also wanted her to have a camera with a viewfinder, not just an LCD screen to learn with. Not easy to find in a 4 year old price range. So i decided on this one that she could grow with.

She stayed at work with us for awhile and after having lunch and ringing the big bell and having everyone sing her Happy Birthday, we went off on our first photo shoot.
We chose the Assateague Island wildlife refuge as it was a beautiful day and we hoped for some wild pony pictures.

We were not disappointed.

Her Great Grandfather, my Dad, was along for the ride and was a help for those difficult shots.

A very patient Great Blue Heron waited as she composed just the perfect picture ( this is my photo, we didn't have time yesterday to upload hers) 
Then we took a stroll up to the lighthouse for some closeups, she was hoping to see some deer but none were out yesterday, they must know it's hunting season!

I was taking some closeups of the wonderful textures for later use and turned to see that she was following my lead, can you just feel my pride and joy?

It was a great day enjoyed by all. Can you tell her 2 favorite colors are purple and lime green? A real artist in training! And she told her Mom that she wanted butterflies and dragonflies on her cake!

I don't know about her, but our wishes have definitely come true!


  1. Wonderful! Isn't it great to be able to support those budding creatives? She looks like an old pro with the camera already!

  2. That is a very thoughtful gift. Lovely to be able to spend the day with your grand daughter building moments and memories. Happy birthday, Savanah!

  3. So happy that we were here to be a part of this speial birthday for Savannah...guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all !!!Really glad you have this bond with her,,enjoy all the memories you are making you all....

  4. AW! So adorable. Get her and Zack together and I'll bet they'd have a ball!

  5. Laura, I think her birthday wishes DID come true with that amazing camera and the special photo-taking outing with her Grandparents!! Looks like a great day was had by all!
    p.s. You are an AMAZING Grandmother, btw!!! :-)


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