Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home and Away (Giveaway That Is!)

As promised here is the follow up to yesterday's post ,of the studio at home. This came about last year when i was facing surgery and didn't know how long the recuperation was going to be, so I moved the jewelry components from my studio to home so as to be able to do something if I was stuck here for awhile. Fortunately all went well and I had a short recup but liked the ability to go to the worktable and put a little somethin somethin together while dinner was cooking or laundry was going , so here it has stayed.
This is one side of our enclosed front porch which faces East with a few North and South facing windows and has lovely light most of the day. There are 12 windows altogether. Being out here makes me happy, I love this space. This is where we usually drink our coffee/ tea in the mornings, listen to music and have a drink in the evenings and occassionally eat meals at the table and chairs on the other side.  It is very peaceful.
This is the worktable, again, NEVER looks this clean! See that beautiful roman glass? I can't wait to set that in a bezel and create something wonderful with it, if you remember I love everything glass! The necklace on the hand display was made by my grandaughter. The stacked white jewelry display trays hold seed beads by color groups.  Ok so I have a little latent OCD, not generally evident.

I take that back.... This is a bookcase which used to hold photo albums in the spare bedroom, now holds beads and gems and findings and vintage treasures. Organized for the most part by....you guessed it, color.

This is the enclosed south facing side porch, AKA the laundry room. This is the original workbench i bought from Harbor Freight which was set up while taking the homesteaders metalsmithing class. This is where I will be doing all my metalsmithing now. I have the flex shaft, brake shear, anvils (notice the larger one on the floor to the left) and bench grinder attached (thanks Ray). I can hammer out here without disturbing the peace too much now. The plastic containers hold the metals and I'm thinking of sliding them beneath the workbench so as to put more of the tools in easy access ( the knife box from yesterday will help here) and out of the drawers. I had avoided that so as to be able to vacuum under there easily.

Now, don't ever think if you drop by this will ever look like this again! Like I said yesterday it's because nothing is happening right now. As soon as it gets started all bets are off!

Now for the Giveaway!

Here's one thing I found out while cleaning, I am not allowing myself to order a book from Amazon or go to Barnes and Noble for the latest magazine, BEFORE CHECKING THE STUDIO FIRST!!!
Remember that pile of books and magazines on the floor? Well, once excavated i found that I must not have realized a particular book or magazine that i wanted was in said pile so i bought one again! To the tune of 6 very nice books and 6 magazines.  Good for you though, I have paired one book with one magazine so there will be 6 giveaways! 

Very simply leave a comment on this post, anything at all (please be nice) and on Sunday evening I will draw 6 names , first one drawn gets first choice, second one drawn gets second choice etc. Last one drawn will get whatever remains.  If you feel like spreading the word on your blog that would be very nice but not necessary. 
Good Luck and thanks for sticking with me through the studio redo!


  1. Wow! You have a terrific studio, Laura! I love seeing where and how everyone else makes their beautiful work. And that is a generous giveaway...I see a few titles I would love to have in my library, so I hope I win! :)

  2. Wow! Laura...Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today =) I am very impressed with all of your work stations! Very, very nice....
    I would love to win some of these goodies =))
    Thanks so much!

  3. I love that you have as many beads as I do! And I am envious of your wood bench!!!! Glad you're feeling better!

  4. Oh, I wish you could come and spend a day with me organizing my space(s). I know it never looks as good as when you've cleaned it all up. But you've got a lovely system here and clean up should be easier. I keep thinking how nice it would be to wake up and have coffee out in the beautiful light you have on this porch!

  5. I am impressed on how you got your creative spaces organized so quickly! Your porch with all the windows is wonderful; no wonder you enjoy it soooo much. :) Hoping you pick me for one of your give-aways!

  6. So this is what I should do with my "extras." Great idea and I see a couple that I would like (and a couple I have one or two of). So I'm "in" the mix. . .I'm so jealous of your clean spaces! And the SPACE!

  7. Loved this post...treasures every where and a studio to die for! Hey, can you help me set up a cool metalsmithing workstation like yours??! I need some tips from you! You are so organzied, you don't give yourself enough credit. Thank you for this awesome give away, Laura!

  8. So many fun things! Thanks for the chance to win.


  9. What a gorgeous studio!
    Lucky gal. :-)

    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  10. Wow- That is all I can say is wow! You have an amazing space. It is oozing with creativity. I just want to come over and play. I have not tried an art that I have not loved and by the looks of things you are the same way!

  11. Incredible. Thank you for sharing your studio with us. It's very inspiring. I love your metalsmithing bench, it's awesome! Thank you for the Giveaway! Julie

  12. What beautiful spaces you have! I am envious of that wonderful porch with all the light. Your organization is an inspiration. My Homesteader materials are fairly well organized, but that is within a space that sill needs a lot of work.

  13. You have a great studio! I love the way you arranged the layout of tools on the metalwork bench.

  14. What a beautiful work space...I am envious! Also crossing my fingers for the giveaway.

  15. I'm in love with your studio!! You have so many great set ups, its like a new inspiration for a project in every corner.The sailors valentines area is just as amazing as the rest.
    I had to put aside my Homesteader supplies to make room for my clay work, my office is tiny-can't wait for the day I have a large studio again.

  16. It looks so beautiful...wish I was on the porch with you right now !! It won't be long...next week...you did a great job on both studios...just love your creativity...love you...

  17. Thank you everyone for all the lovely compliments and comments. I really appreciate the time you take to read and comment here on my blog! My son and husband just drew the names of the 6 winners and I will be going to post them now!


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