Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On The Hunt

OK so I know most of you out there are just like me, hunters and gatherers from way back.
I remember going to the playground in elementary school and before long while everyone else would be swinging and climbing I would be digging in the dirt for elusive treasure. Stones, rocks,coins whatever.
Same with the beach, my Pop-Pop would take me even in the winter so I could find beach glass and beautiful shells.  I was always bringing something home no matter where we went as a family. My famous line was " but I could make something out of that!"
Then I grew up and discovered flea markets and estate auctions ( insert Tim the tool man Taylor's growl here)
Well, the mother of all flea markets is in Webster Florida.
My husband and I have been faithful monday morning followers ever since my parents took us for the first time years ago. We will plan our trips to Florida around how many monday's we'll have while there. Sick right?  No? Ok you're my kind of people!
I don't think either time that we have been, that we have actually seen it all in one day. We have our plan, usually to go all the way out back to the big field first to all the sellers who drive up and set out all their wares either on tables or blankets or just in the grass.
Then we work our way back towards the covered buildings, each one designated with colors or numbers or letters. When all else fails we use cell phones to find each other and meet back at the big tree ( pictured above in the mosaic)
I had planned on taking pictures this trip lugging my camera in my bag but got so caught up in the search that I never took one shot this time.  
Back in Jan we went but it was very cold and rainy that day and we didn't stay long. I took  a picture of the big tree and the Webster's sign before heading for cover.  I was there long enough to score this beautiful vintage Singer sewing machine. I have never seen one with 3 drawers on each side and the elaborate scrollwork on each end. It had all the components in the drop down top drawer and even had a spare treadle belt in the side drawer. The seller assured me it still worked, the treadle moved very freely.  I haven't tried it yet and have kept it in Florida.

When he first told me he wanted $75. for it I walked away. I wasn't in the market for a treadle sewing machine but it haunted me and I thought, "this is crazy, go back for it" and believe it or not, he came DOWN from that price. I bought it and stood guard while my husband ( shaking his head all the way) went with my Dad to get the van and load it up. While I stood there I had a number of people ogle it and tell me what a beautiful piece it was and how great I did.

This was THE find this trip, for me anyway. Antique brass and iron backplates and drawer pulls.  Isn't the detail amazing? So much design work, you gotta love old vintage pieces for that alone. The seller had trays and trays of old pieces of hardware that I had the most fun scrounging through. A hunter gatherer's jackpot.  I was a happy girl  when I left her booth. My family had long since left me to my treasure hunting and we met up for some lunch and a few last minute purchases including a big ole bag of kettle corn before heading home.
Some of the other scores of the day are pictured above in the mosaic-
a high domed crystal butter dish
 a few old labels to frame up for the restaurant
old purple glass bottles, 2 of which have an irridescent coating on them from age
old ball jars including the one from Canada with the crown and marked 1950 in the bottom, I know nothing about it but thought the crown was too cool to pass up, besides I'm a glass addict remember?

And marbles, the woman selling the marbles must have thought I was a collector because as I picked through her stash she took a bag out of each pocket to share with me, one bag the marbles were $50. a piece and the other bag they were $100. a piece.  Uh, no thanks, these 50 cent ones are just fine for what I want them for but thanks for sharing! Geez! Really???? $ 100. for a MARBLE???   Somewhere there is a very happy person probably blogging about the find of a century, the elusive $100. marble they have been searching for. I guess it's what makes the world go 'round. I am happy with the jadite ones, they were $4. a piece and the vaseline one which was a whopping $1.
I also found a gorgeous lead crystal footed, covered candy dish with birds engraved in the sides and lid, a cranberry glass vase and a ruby glass covered stick butter dish all of which I left in Florida and have no pictures of yet. 
My husband found decoys again and a few of his favorite collectibles so a good time was had by all.
If you're ever in the area , don't miss the opportunity to go.

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  1. Laura, I'm right there with you on the hunt for vintage treasures. Thanks for sharing your tales with us and for the pictures - oh my those drawer pulls are out of this world. Never seen anything like them! :-)


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