Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter ~ I Heart Macro

Lori over at Waterstone Jewelry hosts I heart macro/closeups every Sunday. This being Easter Sunday Ithought it fitting to share my Ukrainian eggs.  Hop on over and see what everyone else is sharing!

Every year I tell myself I am going to get out my kistkas and beeswax and make up a new batch of dyes and create some Ukrainian eggs for Easter/ Christmas and as i can see from the dates on these eggs, I have failed in that mission for a lot of years now. The latest date I can find on any of these is 1997!! Bad me!

I used to love to make these each year with the kids who were fairly young at the time. My son't first egg was when he was 4 and my daughter 9.

I went into the elementary school and taught my sons' second grade class to make these, yeah, what was I thinking, letting 7 year olds handle a traditional kistka with their own flame! But believe it or not, we only had one little girl get her finger burned and she was fooling around at the time.

I also taught my daughters' 5th grade classes, several art teachers and then ventured into the high school with newer kistkas ,for my children and nephews when they got there. I was pleasantly surprised to see the enthusiasm in the high school.

I asked my husband when I took these out, "How is it possible I had so much time back then to do all of this stuff and can't find the time now?" His wise reply, "You didn't have internet back then". So true. I guess it's no coincidence that we got internet around here in 1998 and the last date on the eggs is 1997!

I vow to do better. I may have missed Easter, but there's alway hope for Christmas! ( you can see in the pictures some have ornament caps attached for hanging on a tree)
Better get started now!
For anyone interested in learning this craft, I purchase all my supplies here. They also have a wonderful selection of cookbooks and books for the children.
This kit is a great starting point and has everything you'll need to make beautiful eggs.
P.S. I just found that they now offer an instructional DVD that would be a great place to start!


  1. Oh These are fantastic!!! I am Polish and did these when I was very little! Haven't done this in many years!!! This brings back memories!
    Happy Happy Easter!

  2. Wow - the eggs are gorgeous! I made some eggs in my Russian class in high school and it was so much fun, but I haven't since then and that was 20 years ago! Again, they are beautiful and it is hard to pick a favorite - awesome!
    Happy Easter!

  3. Amazing...I'm in awe! Happy Easter!

  4. They're gorgeous! And it sure is amazing how much our computers add to life...but also what they cause us to give up. :) Happy Easter!!

  5. Fabulous eggs! I have made some of these, but they take tons of precision. Your's are awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Laura, these eggs are amazing! I'm in awe. Thanks for joining me and have a great week.

  7. Laura
    I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful eggs and your tradition of creating them, especially with the kids! My what patience it must take to complete one! I notice the ship and the lighthouse eggs in the bowl - really perfect for the shore where you live. I'm really in of the patience you must have to complete one!


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