Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Heart Macro - A Metaphor

Today is I Heart Macro Sunday over at Studio Waterstone.
I haven't been able to participate for the past 2 weeks and am so glad to be back!

This Morning's shot is of my electroetching pan.
 After looking at it on my counter for days, watching the water level slowly decreasing to nothing and leaving behind this alien landscape, I got to thinking.
On this somber anniversary of 9/11 this pan is like a metaphor of what we have been through as a nation.

To get started, copper sulfate granules, simple nondescript blue granules much like aquarium gravel, are totally dissolved in distilled water in the pan. It is this liquid mixture which creates the beautiful patterns and textures on the copper by removing a little of the copper and mixing it in solution and finally adhering it to the pan.
We as a people are much like that, a mix, a blending of sorts, creating our lives, making something new and beautiful for our futures, something that will last.
 What happened on 9/11 tried to take that away from us.

But what happened was a transformation instead. The familiar granules are no longer seen, the water ( life) is gone and can't be reclaimed, but what remains is a beautiful new landscape filled with bigger, stronger more beautiful crystals in it's place.  
The crystals are no longer separate and free floating. They are connected and adhered to the foundation.



  1. WOW that pan is a work of art! Love your metaphor. Just beautiful!

  2. Very very cool!!! Looks like you're using it for your blog background too, I like it!

  3. It makes such an interesting texture and landscape...somehow, those images could be used in something...not sure what, but something!

  4. Lovely photos and an interesting analogy to ponder.

  5. Beautiful analogy Laura! The shots are amazing and very interesting!

  6. Beautiful Laura, thank you for sharing your photos and your words.

  7. Oh my goodness - these are beautiful shots - I love them!! Very peaceful, actually - thank you for such lovely photos!!

  8. Oh, goodness....every word you wrote struck a chord. And the pictures provide the perfect illustration! Great job, Laura, all around!

  9. Those are strangely very Beautiful Laura! Look what is there in amongst things so many!

  10. How beautiful those colors are. And a beautiful way to look at the tragedy of the day.

  11. wow that is just the coolest thing. Beautiful!

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