Friday, September 9, 2011

Pretty In Pink

For those of you who may remember this fiasco,  I am just getting around to resolving it today.
Back when it first happened, I thought that the handpiece burned out somehow as I could hear the motor turning but the handpiece did nothing.
So I went online and ordered a new handpiece. And since I HAD to order one, why not get the limited edition pink one?
But then my Dad came to visit and asked if I checked the inner shaft first. The What?
Yeah, it turns out there is this inner shaft with a spring like covering and that is what broke.

Look at that gnarled mess. I guess when the blade jammed it just sent the torque back up the shaft and rung it right off.  The good news is, there is a very friendly instructional video here, that takes the fear out of replacing it. So I ordered the replacement inner shaft along with a tube of the lubricant and set about replacing it today.

All told, i probably have a half hour in the process which included these pictures.
(I skipped the part about draining the lubricant into a trashcan, it was a little thick so i just used my fingers to spread it along the spring.)
I now smell a little like a mechanic but I have a pretty shiny new pink handtool that works like a charm!
Fear conquered.


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