Friday, June 1, 2012

What A Find Day!

OK, so I know sometimes I'm behind the curve on things, Craig's List is one of those curves.
I have never been to Craig's List to search for anything.
Never really felt the need to, I seem to have no trouble at all shopping for the obscure at other venues.
For whatever reason yesterday, as I sat drinking my last cup of tea before heading to work, I decided to go to Craig's List to see what it was like and do a quick search.

Apparently it already knew where I lived and chose the Hampton Roads area for the search.
Recently I have been researching to buy a jeweler's bench ( pricey for a nice one) and thought "well, you know someone out there probably has one they are trying to get rid of, i'll try for a used one."

The very first one that popped up was this beauty.
Ok, so beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, but I was beholding let me tell 'ya!

I love old antique pieces with a story, so much more romantic than getting a box with labeled parts and packages of screws and bolts and lock nuts etc.

I waited to call at the respectable hour of 9, found out it was still available, got the history and made immediate plans to head south to claim my treasure.

I enlisted the help of my DH on this adventure who said " You're like a kid you're so excited" and I was. I felt this need to get there NOW before it slipped through my fingers.

This bench had been the woman's late husband's who was a jeweler for over 30 years. He had it when they married and he told her it was coming with.

In his later years he was a professional art photographer. 
She was moving to Portland, OR next week.

These photos are from the ad but I will post again when she's all cleaned up and ready to go to work.
Unfortunately, the measurements were a little off and so we had to make the 2 1/2 hour drive home with the hatch of my Prius bungee corded closed.

All in all, not bad for $150. and the price of tolls and gas in a Prius!
Sweet Serendipity!


  1. What a fabulous find! I can't believe you found that on your very first time on Craig's List. I'm going to put one on my "to find" list!

  2. Laura, what a treat to see this on your blog today! Nothing like a great vintage treasure...especially one that is not only special, but very useful. I'm glad you found just what you were looking for. And what a history the jeweler's desk is very special indeed. I don't think I could have parted with it, but I understand that the lady was moving across the country. I know it is in very good hands and will be much appreciated. Can't wait to see the beautiful jewelry that will be created at this bench. :-)

  3. Craigslist fascinates and scares me! lol This is a wonderful find! I am sure it will get lots of use too!


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