Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Skillset Added To The Toolbox

All the way home, as I was driving, I would glance at this ring on my finger gripping the steering wheel and think " I can't believe I just made that!"

I am beyond thrilled at the results of my first attempt at a ring.

I owe this new skillset to this fabulous instructor, Richard Salley.
I have taken several classes of his over the past 3 years and have loved each one. My first foray into enameling was one of his classes, I have done other metalsmithing classes and found object jewelry classes with him, each one offered new techniques to add to my toolbox.He is such a knowledgable metalsmith and willing to share all that knowledge to help each student succeed.

It was a great class, filled with so many good friends.
Bette and I shared not only shared a table but an adventure the night before which I will post about later.

Carol and Dia (below) made everyone smile with their custom made aprons which sported a transfer that read "Salley Stalkers" with a silhouette of Richard in his cowboy hat.
It is hidden here by Carol's amazing rendition of a Floral cascade enameled necklace inspired by Barbara Lewis' book.

Dia showing her amazing ring. She puts her nose to the grindstone and does amazing work and I believe was the first one to complete her ring.

Melissa, Sandi and our amazing workshop hosts, Cindy and Jeanette. Cindy had taken Richard's class the previous day and made a beautiful pendant which I hope she will post on her blog.

Sally was also my tablemate and provided some comic relief just when it was needed most!

In the end, most of us left with a completed ring. Each one an original.
(I'm sorry if I haven't identified all the rings, wasn't sure of the rest)

It was a fantastic group and I can't thank Cindy, Jeanette, Richard and Martina enough for providing this wonderful opportunity for us to learn.
Artbliss really lives up to it's name!


  1. What a fun class! Your ring is just gorgeous!!!!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Sounds like all of you had a fantastic time creating all of those beautiful rings.

  3. Oh, I so love that ring!!!! That class looked like an absolute blast! Thanks so much for sharing your fun with us.

  4. Your ring is absolutely amazing! Looks like the gang back for another class! Looks like a lot of fun!

  5. WOW...what a beautiful ring!!! Looks like it was a fun class. Nice to see the tribe!!! Thanks for sharing. (hugs) vik

  6. Love your ring, love all of the rings. Wish I could have been there :-) Maybe next year?

  7. Oh how fun!!! Richard will be here in New Orleans in June teaching a workshop at Thomas Mann StudioFlux and after reading your post I am more excited then ever! Sounds like he is a great instructor. The rings are fantabulous! Merci for sharing your journey. ♥

  8. Laura, what a wonderful post recapping the weekend. I always look forward to when we can get together - but as always, it goes by way too fast. Your ring turned out so beautifully, it's a wonder you made it home with that amazing distraction on your finger! :-) I loved it. And I loved to see how proud everyone was to finish their rings! I wanna make a ring next time too! :-)
    Won't be long til the summer and I hope to get the chance to see you once again. xoxo

  9. Your ring is spectacular! Sounds like a wonderful workshop. Gotta love learning new skills and meeting up with old friends and making new ones. (Gee, that sounds almost like a Girl Scout song.)

  10. Laura, the photos are great and the ring you created is just fantastic! It was so wonderful to see you and I hope to see you at Beadfest in August.


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