Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sweet Surprise

Lookie Lookie what the little brown truck just left at my doorstep!
My sweet Mom had these sent to me! We have been looking for them for a long time! I know I'm dating myself here but does anyone out there remember Bonomo Turkish Taffy? You put these in the freezer then take them out and slam them on the counter to break into pieces and then you eat every last piece! MMMmmmmm!
Thanks Mom- I love you too!


  1. Sweets for the sweet !! What else can I say ?? I'm so glad I could surprise you with this happy memory....wish I was there to crack one open with you !!! you....enjoy....Mom

  2. Never heard of them but I haven't met a sweet I haven't liked!

  3. OMG! A blast from the past! Almost worth having it pull one of the fillings right out of a tooth!

  4. oh what fun to remember that SLAM action and then sucking on the bits of creamy, vanilla taffy! Thanks "mom!!"

  5. Laura, I have never heard of them either...and like Barbara said, I imagine they would do some damage to your teeth! So sweet of your Mom to send them to you! :-)


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