Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Trygg Reise

Which translates to bon voyage in Norwegian
My son recently returned from Alaska to find out that he was leaving again today for Norway! Can you tell he's loving this? He will be travelling to a little island north of the arctic circle called Andenes.  More Aurora Borealis yeah!  Ha Det Bra my son! (take care) XO


  1. OH, I know you'll miss him. But Norway would be a great place to visit ... in the summer!

  2. Just texted him & told him Bon Voyage !! Wish I had seen this first I could have spoken Norwegian to him..he looks great !! My strong handsome grandson....so happy for him !! Safe travels....

  3. Alaska and now Norway!! Your son must be having the time of his life. I'm wishing safe travels for him! :-)


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