Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Heart Macro and Sunday Mornings

It's that time of the week again- Time for some Macro Love!

I went out in the yard this morning, camera in hand, to take in the early morning sights and beauty.
I have 4 hummingbird feeders and watching them fly around is like watching a symphony in motion!
There was a nice ruby throated hummingbird here but he got a little camera shy. This one however wanted breakfast no matter who was watching!

OK now you're starting to  Piss.Me.Off!

Not to be outdone, this dragonfly flew in and landed just as I snapped the pix of the hydrangeas in bloom. You can barely see his wings moving as he flew in.


The daylillies are starting to bloom all around the garden.
I love daylillies!
Each one with their spectacular painted colors, all different.

There is a daylily farm here on the shore, Sterrett Gardens, about 45 minutes south of me, that i try to get to each year to add to the collection.
They give you a checklist and you can walk the fields looking at all the varieties in bloom, make your list and then return to the gazebo where they check you out and then go dig the varieties you have chosen.
They also ship and have a wonderful website.

This frog is a little skittish, I can only get so close before he jumps and hides but he has been livingin our little pond out front all summer so far so he must eat well here too!

I have been waiting for the rest of the birds to hatch out and leave the nests so that i can trim the bushes without anyone freaking out. Looks like i'll be trimming soon!
Head on over to Lori's and join in the macro love this beautiful Sunday!


  1. WOW - the hummingbird photos are spectacular and the daylillies are gorgeous! Love the pic of the egg. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

  2. How exciting to have hummingbirds and capture them in motion! Love, love all your photos! You must have a wonderful garden property!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your hummingbird pictures are wonderful! Your daylilies look so pretty. Great pictures.

  4. WOW!!! The hummingbird photos are amazing!!! The color and detail are great! All the photos are beautiful! Love, love, love them!

  5. One gorgeous shot after another. I thought I had some pretty decent hummingbird pics but now I need to do better!! And LOVE the dragonfly and all the flowers too! Kristi

  6. how nice! you have some really beautiful photos! how lucky for you to have all that around you.

  7. Wow - fancy being able to get that close to a hummingbird. I love all your pix and the lillies are a real treat, but the frog is my favourite. What fantastic pattern and colour there is on him - just beautiful!

  8. I love every single one of your pictures!! You're amazing. The hummingbird, the flowers (my favorite is the shot labeled "sunbathing").

  9. beautiful shots.....they kept coming {right down the page!}


    hello gorgeous xxx

  10. Wow! Incredible shots - love the egg shell best :-) such a great sign of possibility!

  11. The hummingbirds fantastic - we never see them sit still! We have to hide behind the blinds to peek at them!

    Happy Sunday!

  12. Oh My Oh My...what beautiful shots you have chosen to share with us. The lily are so beautiful and what can I say about the hummer. Look how fragile the egg shell looks...oh such wonderful pictures I am going to go look again!

  13. It looks like your garden is an amazing place with so much life and beauty in it! thank you for sharing it!

  14. What gorgeous photos of your garden! Looks like you have a wonderful set of creatures who keep you company too :)

  15. I think my favorite is the egg shell for some reason. I'm not sure why!

  16. Wow, fantastic photos. The hummingbirds and daylillies are gorgeous. And what great luck to catch the dragonfly the way you did. I've tried to get hummingbirds before and they buzz by me at 40 mph on their way somewhere else.

  17. Those are absolutely stunning photos of the hummingbirds! Amazing!

  18. Hi Laura
    Just stopping by to see how you are doing in your neck of the woods.
    Your photography is jaw-dropping as always. You caught such amazing shots of the hummingbirds. They are so elusive around here....I rarely see them, let alone capture stunning pictures of one! My next favorite is that sweet pale blue bird's egg. What a perfect photo.
    I hope you are doing well - thinking of you!


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