Friday, June 10, 2011

Outta Here!

Living here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia has it's perks once in awhile.
Aside from the Chincoteague and Assateague National Wildlife Refuge and seashore, we live right around the corner from NASA Wallops Flight facility now known also as MARS- Mid Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

Growing up, my son liked to participate in the model rocket launches, he also went to a camp for robotics there, and then in high school received a year long internship at NASA and then in college had a paid internship over the summer and is now employed there.

The NASA Wallops Flight Facility and the Marine Science Consortium now offer a lot of programs and camps for kids and I would recommend anyone with children look into what they offer.

This morning there was a sounding rocket launch and although the actual flight facility is several miles away, the launches can all be seen right from our front yard.
There are a few major ones scheduled for later this year that everyone is excited about as we are slated to be the supplier to the space station if the launches go well.
For the major launches we usually go over to the island to watch up close.

The rocket got about this high in the sky before the sound reached us
This smoke trail as all that was left to see a mere few seconds after the launch

Life on the shore is good!

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