Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

This table was significantly neater, albeit full at the time, when I started this project 3 weeks ago.
It now has some trappings for photo shoots, prints are lying about, gifts from the delivery of a new book, art photos are waiting to be framed and yet i get the most work done when everything is around me like this.

You see, I tend to work in series, which to me means I work though an idea and then when I get started actually making the idea come to life, I will create a series of them until I've satisfied the idea and then I will move on to another idea. ( Remember that commercial with Dom DeLouise about 20 years ago where he frets over a HUGE plate of antipasta worried saying " Oh geez, I hope it's enough"? Yup, Me) For those of you who do shows, you know what this is like. Inevitably there will be someone who loves this but would like it in a different color, or larger, or smaller,or silver, or bronze, or....

For this particular series, i have been working with vintage and digital collage images that i love which soon spread to my own photos and artwork under glass , set in filigree bezels, all wire wrapped with Czech glass and various other stones and beads. 
My purpose when coming up with this idea was to have some new pieces in a more affordable price range (since Sterling silver has gone rocketing through the roof) for sale at our restaurant gift shop and to finally get something listed into my Etsy shop ( we'll leave that for another post)
I cleaned and setup the display case at the restaurant Memorial weekend with 14 necklaces and have been busy finishing up the rest of these this past week (50 in total) Some of which are to be donated for fundraising events in our area.
I spent yesterday TRYING to photograph the rest for listing, inside by a window, outside in the shade, in a light tent in the sun, but I haven't gotten a setup I'm happy with yet as far as lighting so i will attempt it again another day. So for now the Etsy shop sits empty still.

So what's on your table this Wednesday?


  1. Laura - these are soooo lovely! You have been busy! Are the focal pieces resin?

  2. Laura, you are one ambitious lady on a serious creative streak! :-) My goodness, just look at all of those beautiful beads and finished pieces on your bead table!!
    I think the lighting in the very first picture would be great for a jewelry photo shoot!

  3. WOW - That is an impressive amount of work!!! They are *Lovely* - I see a blue bird up there! : ) - I am so excited I can comment normally!!! Wooo Hooo


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