Monday, May 16, 2011


This is what the start AND end of a productive, promising day looks like.

Back in December, when I thought I would be doing a chainmaille project for a gift, I looked into and decided to buy one of these all-the-bells-and-whistles jump ring makers. After all, I do use a lot of jump rings anyway and this would be oh-so-nice!
Then, I opened the box, saw all the pieces and the instructions and promptly closed the box....until today.

I have to be in the right frame of mind to tackle big new things.
 Yes, this is big new for me.

But I was ready. Calmly get the box from under the workbench, unwrap each piece, hey this doesn't look as bad as I thought. Attach the winder, get all the mandrels in their respective slots, 2 blades, cut lube, check.

Read the instructions, not bad, I can do this.  Grab the wire, attach the size mandrel I need and wind. Cool. Nice coil. Place the coil in the holder, lube it up, close it down all level, get the blade all set, centered with the line, ready to go. On goes the flex-shaft, zip, all done.  How exciting, at this rate I can make like  a bajillion jump rings. Open the holder, what the???
I had about a dozen usable jump rings and the rest of the coil wasn't cut all the way through.

Ok, first try, must have done something wrong ( ya think?) make another coil, lube a little more, tighten in holder a little more, let er rip. NO usable jump rings this time, just a tangled coil.

Ok let's see if there's a you tube for this. Yup, right here.
Alright, I did all of that. Hey I got 2 blades, maybe I should use the 1 1/2 instead of the 1 1/4. Maybe it's not cutting all the way through because it isn't reaching, after all these are somewhat small.
Ready , set, go!

It's amazing how quickly one can ruin a perfectly good flex shaft.  BLINK.  Yup, just that quick.
The 1 1/2 blade didn't want to slide along the nice little groove thingy there and jammed and the torque went back up the flexshaft. As soon as I realized what was happening, which was a millionth of a second TOO LATE, I stopped.
Now the handpiece won't turn, the motor runs but that's it.
The picture above shows how I left it as I walked away in disgust.

So if any of you out there in blogland have tackled this beast, please let me know what the secret is.

Not one to quit, I decided to just use the coiler, which by the way is very easy to make perfect coils, and cut them by hand.    BUT I did get 94 perfect jump rings cutting them by hand and it really didn't take long, just a few minutes . Lesson learned, easy isn't always better!


  1. I feel your pain but don't know enough to help. :-(

  2. I too feel your pain but my suggestion would be to buy jump rings in the future!! Okay, I'm only half kidding. I took a chain maille class once and learned how to make jump rings by hand and it just wasn't worth the aggravation, IMHO. But I do wish you luck if you continue to make your own and admire your tenacity! :)

  3. Oh I feel for you, Laura. Just one look at that contraption and I'd close the box too!
    When you cut the 94 jump rings by hand, do you mean with a hand-held tool? I can never get mine to look great. Yours look perfect!

  4. OMG - so sorry - Your hand cut rings look fantastic btw. I hate when simple things make everything more complicated : P. I probably would have thrown it out the window.


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