Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Good Day For The Blues

Yesterday seemed to be a bluesday Tuesday.
It started out with birdwatching out my kitchen window as the tea and coffee brewed and I quickly grabbed my camera to go sit out on the pool deck to see if i could get some shots off.

Bluebirds are very skittish and so I was keeping my distance but they weren't to be fooled, they knew my every move. Notice the female watching her mate carefully from the inside of the birdbox.

When they make their way back to the box, they look all around first , making sure it is safe before  going in to feed their young.

"Honey, I'm home!"

Very rarely do they both leave the nest at one time for fear of predators, see that blackbird in the distance, I later witnessed him trying to get in the box and at the young.
But I think right now, she has her eyes on me.

So I turned my attention to another favorite blue, the color of the pool.
We opened it late monday night and had started to run the hose to bring the water level back to the top to start the filter.
I planted those rhodies 22 years ago, they were so little and ran along the side of our outbuilding before the pool arrived. Now they consume all the space along one length of the pool.

It was such a beautiful morning, the kind where you just want to be outside appreciating all the beauty nature has to offer.  So we decided to take a drive to a favorite spot for beachcombing.
The weather was forecasting some coastal flooding and winds out of the East but we went anyway.
At the end of the road where the old town meets the sea, was this abandoned house, built in 1915 as is shown on the foundation block.

Not only did it have that beautiful time worn blue ceiling on the front porch ( they used to paint porch ceilings blue to fool the wasps into thinking it was part of the sky and they wouldn't build nests there)
but it had very ornate stained glass panels in the double front doors that I would have loved to have been able to see from the inside. 
But since I'm not into breaking and entering, we continued on to our little spot.
The bright blue sky was reflected in the sea as it pounded the surf.
There was a lot of things arriving on shore as a result of the churning.
This particular piece was a collection of driftwood, shells and seaweed which reminded me of one of the creatures aboard Davy Jones' boat on Pirates of The Carribean.

There was different colors of seaweeds and grasses  from grays and greens to pink/reds.

This made me take a double look but it was just some type of ribbon or plastic twisted up with the grasses, but it is blue!

There was plenty of green and brown seaglass but alas , no blue today.

This peeler crab washed up, probably bait from one of the many crab pots anchored just offshore.

This mother of pearl coating on an oyster shell just glistened in the sun.

Along the broken concrete at one end of the shore, this little fiddler type crab saw me coming and scurried to find a crevasse big enough to hide in. Unfortunately it was already partially filled with shell bits and this is as far as he could get.
 It was a mexican standoff for awhile, with me pointing the camera at him not moving or blinking for fear of losing the shot, and him not moving or blinking for fear of losing his life I suppose. 
In the end, he proved more patient than I as i moved along the shore and upon my return he was nowhere to be seen.
There were remnants of last years' crabbing season around, old basket lids,

and empty baskets, both with the sea grasses growing through and around them making them a permanent part of the landscape.
In the end I only scavenged a few pieces of driftwood, some seaglass, the MOP shells, ( all collected in a blue plastic bag that I grabbed to take with me) a small perfectly preserved crab all bleached from the passing season, and some large dried sponges.

What a glorious Blue Day!


  1. Oh my I do love those pretty little Blue Birds, we don't have them here sniff sniff!! All beautiful pictures, what a wonderful day you had!

  2. Wow - love the photos of the birds and the walk along the beach! Sounds like a wonderful day!!!

  3. What a beautiful blue day. I'm not sure I've ever seen a blue bird so seeing them through your eyes is a real treat.

  4. Truly glorious! And true blue! Loved the photos...hope to see you soon!

  5. Laura, I am happy to finally pay a visit to your blog - I have been swamped all week. I like your new background image...and what a FANTASTIC blog post. I just love the blue theme throughout! You really captured some amazing shots of the birds. I see that Mama peeking out, watching you! And yes, that blackbird in the distance...oh how smart those parents are to keep a watchful eye and stay close to home! I especially love the very first photo - it should be in a calendar!
    That abandoned house you found is very interesting. It is always so tempting to go inside but you're right, I'm not in to breaking or entering either. I just usually try to peer in to a window...that's if I even step foot on the property!
    You need to tell me where this beach is with all of the shells - they are everywhere! Reminds me of those few weekends last summer when we found buckets full. You sure found all sorts of treasures - and you took such great pictures. Thanks for taking us along on your Bluesday! :-)


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