Friday, May 11, 2012

Monkeying Around

Me + Monkey = Love at first sight!

Picmonkey that is.

OK so here's the thing. I have Photshop CS4, took classes in it in 2009, beginner, intermediate and advanced, got continuing education certificates for all 3.
Took several online classes to use it creatively.
Then got Elements 10 to simplify a little of the process.
Found Picnik and liked it for it's ease of use and instant gratification. 
Then Picnik left us. 
So this morning I decided to look into Picmonkey that I had heard a little about here on the blogs and I am so loving it!

I took just a couple of the pics from yesterday's post to play with , rather quickly just to take a test drive with the application, and see the results.

I can honestly say there is enough offered here to keep one busy for a long time playing.
As a matter of fact the Todd Rundgren song " Bang the drum all day" started playing in my head.

And this was with just a few clicks, not really taking any time , just doing a few comparisons.

As I got towards the end of my play session, I was really starting to hit my stride  and while I hated to quit, really did have to go to work.

I look forward to seeing how this develops ( pun absolutely intended)

For those of you looking for a quick fix and a replacement for Picnik, I would highly recommend this site.

The interface is really easy to navigate and use.

There is no album to save it to at this time, they do not keep your work on file you must save it to your own computer.

But Oh, the possibilities!

" I don't wanna work..."


  1. Wow - love all the different ways you played with your pictures. It looks like a lot of fun and I need to do more with PicMonkey too. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Very cool Laura, I've been using PicMonkey lately too pretty cool. I love the one where the bluebird is still in color and most of the rest is B&W, need to figure out how to do that one!

  3. Laura, I love PicMonkey too. Not quite as many options as Picnik yet, but hopefully they will continue to grow. They really are a great option now that Picnik is gone. I'm amazed at all of the knowledge you already have about photo-editing....your pictures were always amazing with your own post-processing too!

  4. OMG LOVE the Picmonkey!!! If I could add layers I'd be thrilled. I am so NOT Photoshop saavy and it is so expensive - I love this free option! These are gorgeous obviously you were having some fun!

  5. How exciting! Thanks for sharing this fabulous site! Now I don't wanna work!


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