Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All That Glitters

This is the kind of gold I have been wanting. 
As anyone who know me knows, for the past year+ I have picked the brains of everyone I saw to see how they liked their particular camera. I consider this a big decision and was not about to enter into it lightly. Once you commit to a specific brand and start investing in lenses and all that goes with it, it has to be something you are going to be able and willing to stick with for the long haul.  I had been debating between a Canon and a Nikon for a long time. Then I pretty much had it narrowed down to a Nikon D90 or 300s but still didn't feel the "YES,THAT'S THE ONE I WANT" kind of excitment so i knew i wasn't ready yet. Then one Sept. morning I read about a new Nikon being released, the Nikon D7000.  I went here and read all about it and there was my AHA moment. I had made my decision. I promptly went online and scouted around and decided to order from Amazon as a few of my "regular" places didn't even have it listed yet.  The announcement was made by nikon on Sept. 15th, I ordered it on Sept 28th and it finally arrived this past Thursday Dec 2nd special delivery.
I say special delivery because while we were at work, the little brown truck attempted delivery and left a sticker on our door saying it required a signature and they would return on friday. OH NO, friday we were going to be in PA all day! The thought of my camera bouncing along for the ride for days and then over the weekend probably only to be lost in the shuffle after such a long wait....So my parents went to the post office to see if he attempted to leave it with them, I rode around trying to find the little brown truck, and my sweet husband found him, and pulled up to him and asked for my camera, hand delivering it me. For awhile I was wondering if it was ever going to arrive as it was on backorder everywhere I looked.
The wait made it that much sweeter when i finally got to open the gilded box and hold it for the first time.

With everything that has been going on around here, today is the first chance I have had to open everything and charge the battery to be able to get started.  I can't wait to begin taking pictures with it! They say good things come to those who wait and in this case, I have to agree!


  1. WOW! Enjoy your new camera! I look forward to seeing all the wonderful pictures you take with it.

    I'm shopping for a DSLR myself...

  2. Oh my goodness! You guys sound just like me and Jim. There's nothing he wouldn't do for me ... including chase down the UPS guy. I can't wait to read more about your camera. Jim bought me my first Nikon when I turned 30, nearly 30 years ago now! I can't even believe it's been that long ... I know you'll love it ... can' wait to see and hear more from you on your photo escapades! You got the tools, baby ... one of many!

  3. Laura, it finally came!!!! I was just wondering about your camera today. I am really excited for you, it's like an early Christmas present after this long wait. Have fun!


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