Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

Being home is so delightful! I'm sorry, but I am not a winter/ snow lover anymore. When I was younger I loved it, would stay out in it until my feet were like 2 solid blocks of ice and still hate to have to go in. But not anymore! It's lovely to look at from my windows but that's where the love ends!  This is a view from my front door. The snow started when I was on my way into work today and this is about 4 hours later. The road is just beyond the tree and my Prius isn't made for trekking in the snow either! We have already announced an early close for the restaurant and have sent several people home who do not live close by.  This is supposed to continue until around midnight tonight. At this rate everything on the shore will come to a halt!

Our winter blooming camellia under the eaves of the front porch.
My son is flying home today from a month in Norway so this should make him feel right at home. ( although I think he is sick of snow himself!)  Hope he doesn't suffer many delays and has safe driving from the airport home tonight ( an hour away)
For everyone out there in this same storm, keep warm and be safe!


  1. I'm with you on the snow. It was lovely and magical when I was young and I have frost bite toes to show for it. But now, the only view I want is from indoors. You all are getting hit pretty hard out there. Safe travels for your son and enjoy his visit.

  2. Hey, girlie, guess where I am and who's planning a trip to Webster on Monday!!!!

  3. Oh Barbara, you really know how to hurt a girl! I'm so jealous! Have fun for me, find good stuff!


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