Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is pretty much how my week has been, a blur. Somehow I don't think it will slow any between now and the New Year either!
 My parents have been staying with us and we have enjoyed visiting, cooking, eating and shopping.  We decided to take a roadtrip up to Pennsylvania Friday to do a little shopping.

Our first stop was the Green Dragon flea market in Ephrata. We love to go here and get Amish meats and cheeses, butter and double yolk eggs and of course those jumbo, hot off the press pretzels that are about a foot across and feel so good to cold fingers.

It was cold, around 39 most of the day but not as windy as we have seen it this time of year so that was nice. Everywhere you look up there is beautiful scenery. I would love to go back with my new camera ( more on that in the next post) when the weather warms a bit just to do a photo shoot. It was hard with me doing all the driving to get many opportunities to take photos.

It was washday as most of the farms we passed had incredibly high and long clotheslines filled with clean laundry.

After we left the green dragon we took the scenic route down to Intercourse to shop there. I would venture a guess that this is probably one of the most photographed signs in the country!

We parked right in the center of town and walked to the shops. Everything was decorated for the holidays.

The village pottery with attached bookstore is always a favorite stop with it's redware and stoneware.

Then the Old Country Store to select some fabrics for a quilt. They must have 1000's of bolts in there, there are 2 rooms of fabrics alone!

The store is very quaint with lots of homemade goodies at every turn. I picked up a few cookbooks and canning books and a jacob's ladder toy for the kids. 
The quilt room is much larger than what is shown here but i was only able to capture this much from the doorway.
This is the entryway to the fabric room. I was unable to get a clear shot of all the bolts, arranged like a massive rainbow because of all the displays but you get the idea.

After we left Intercourse, we headed back towards Ephrata to the Oregon Dairy for lunch and their delicious ice cream sundaes and a little shopping. Then we headed up to reading to do a little outlet shopping and after that we went even further north to the flagship Cabelas store as a reward for the guys. 
By the time we got home it was midnight and we had been on the road since 5 am. I learned i am not as young as I used to be as it took me all of yesterday to recuperate, we were exhausted. Next time I think we will plan to stay over and slow the pace a little!


  1. What beautiful pictures! It seems like it was a fantastic trip, and it looks like you had a good time! I love Pennsylvania!

  2. Hi Laura! Youre from Virginia!?! My family how I miss Virginia the pure beauty! I visited my cousin in Maryland 2 yrs ago and she took up to the Amish country of was so Lovely! Id loved to of bought some art prints, I probably should of bought one :-( What richness those people have in the beauty of their farms.


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