Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This is the state of my bead table today. I have been in production mode, getting some pieces ready to restock the display case at the restaurant, for the past few days.
In the tray you can see the jump rings from the last post, I made some more yesterday, getting the hang of it, not bad.
I have been making the components, partial necklaces and hope to have them finished by the weekend. I have done 16 so far and hope to get a few more done today since the weather is going to be rainy AGAIN!

The table has so much on it right now, I hesitated taking a pix but this is real life right? I sit and work mostly in my lap, set everything up in the tray and then put the tools in my lap and work. 
I realized  that i used to work in clay the same way, everything would be on the table but I would turn sideways to the table and work in my lap., especially when doing sgraffito and painting, can't work at table height for some reason.
The rest of the time I would stand to work and still do. I gather the beads and lay them out while standing and looking at them from a distance to see if it works, then sit down and put it all together, in my lap.
I would glaze standing as well. It's funny, but I didn't put that together until just this moment.
I guess we all find what works best for us.
Come to think of it, when I was at Art and Soul a couple of weeks ago, I remember saying I had to stand to work, couldn't sit and paint.
How do you work and what's on your bead table today?


  1. My oldest son stands while he is doing his home work! It drives me crazy. A few years ago one of his teachers gave all the kids a test to see what sort of learner he is and apparently Kinetic learners have to stand or move around to learn. He'll literally walk circles in the house while reading a book! I have to sit but do have a smaller table next to my big table. I keep the supplies on the big table and my small mannequin on the little one and work off thast ..why??? who knows? LOL Happy Wednesday!

  2. Now I know why I haven't heard from you in days amaze me...always learning....hope it gets easier for you, miss you....

  3. Laura, looks like you've been busy and very creative this week! Your table sure looks like mine (minus all of the activity...mine is getting lonely). I notice your egg carton bead holder...I've never seen that used before like that! What a great idea! I stand to work half the time as well! I thought I was alone. :-)

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention! I had saved the egg carton to start flower seeds in with my granddaughter only to find out the seeds were direct sow! The other day while working, i had cut the strings on so many of those Czeck beads that i recently got in and they were crowding my bead tray, so i grabbed the egg carton and was able to sort 18 of the new beads out, plus the white helps me to really see what they are. I will have to look up kinetic learners, never heard that before!


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