Sunday, July 17, 2011

I Heart Macro and Enameling

This is a macro shot of my favorite enameled bead that I made yesterday.
It reminds me of a reflecting pool and was made using a few new techniques with powdered and liquid enamels and torch fired.
I stole away a little time and headed out to Annapolis to attend an enameling workshop being given by Barbara Lewis at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts with a great group friends.

This is another example using fired on decals.

Barbara started us off with a quick refresher course before teaching us some new tricks out of her  soon to be released book "Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry, a Workshop in Painting With Fire"

Jenn made a beautiful nature inspired pendant

I got to meet Elizabeth and really enjoyed talking with her, the little time we all had to talk that is.

Melissa and Bette hard at work

Barbara and Wendy at the torches with Anne and Carol sharing in the background.
One of the nicest thing about this group and taking classes with Barbara is the sharing of help and information. Things like "Oh how did you do that, it's beautiful" to "What colors did you use?" or "How do I fix this?" There is plenty of support and encouragement and learning.

Wendy and Belle

Bette was also celebrating a special birthday yesterday so we marked the occassion with cake for our dessert after lunch.

Anne, Carol, Mike, Bette, Me, Melissa, Jenn, Jim (AKA Mr. PWF),Elizabeth and Barbara.
Not pictured Wendy and Belle.
I miss you all already!

Now head on over to Lori's at Studio waterstone to see who else heart's macro!
 Better yet, join us won't you?


  1. Oh Laura, you've got me so excited for my class with Barbara in October in Portland. I heart macro and I heart enamel!

  2. Hi Laura, !hat a great synopsis of the day! It was so great to be with friends yesterday. I'm still learning and playing and can't wait to apply some of what I learned yesterday! xo Barbara

  3. Beautiful bead, Laura! I could get lost in that pool...

  4. Goodness! That's enameled?
    I thought it was lampworked at first.
    Beautiful work and lovely picture!

    I'm a little jealous of the class. . .but what fun!

  5. That is the most beautiful shade of blue! It's always nice to learn something new while spending time with friends. I was in Annapolis yesterday for dinner! :)

  6. Love it! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  7. Oh I so want to learn this technique. Love the blue bead---on a hot day like ours a cool blue pool of water.

  8. Gorgeous bead, Laura! Barbara is such a sweetheart and is so inspiring! Looks like you had a fantastic time, I love the fired on decal!
    Beautiful photos!!

  9. What Great Macro!! Torch fired beads YES! And a class at Barbaras what a great post! Your bead looks just fantastic.

  10. Laura, oh I wish I could have been there too! Just look at all of those smiling faces, faces of many of my jewelry friends. What an incredible gathering - with a fantastic instructor like Barbara at the helm. I know you created more than beads - but many fond memories!! was SO great to see you today!! :-)

  11. What a beautiful blue bead Laura, and what a great macro shot. Just full of gorgeous pattern and colour! It is also so obvious you all had a great day - I am soooo envious!

  12. TERRIFIC photos! Thanks for allowing us to sit in. :) I'm envious that you got to meet so many that we talk with online - how fun!

  13. I wish I could have come again but summer is rough with Zack. But Zack is actually going to Maryland Hall next week for a sculpture camp!

  14. Holy Cannolli!!! I am practically exploding with jealousy all those bloggy ladies in one place! What fun! I saw you with Cindy too - your getting around!


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