Sunday, July 10, 2011

I Heart Macro - Angels and Demons and Aliens Oh My!

Can you see the face of the angel and the wings in the water droplet?
You can click on any picture to enlarge and then click on it again for a super huge view

I took many pictures around the yard this morning, there was a heavy dew quenching all the plants and flowers from an easterly wind off the ocean.

These are the red flowers of the Lucifer's tongue plant

Thse are hibiscus buds getting ready to bloom

But they look more like pods of aliens getting ready to hatch 
Oh My~
This little guy was buzzing around me vying for my attention and then he posed oh so pretty

This has the texture of an alien surface but is the dew kissed petals of the Asiatic lillies which are in full bloom right now, and oh the beautiful scent they have!

Mr. Ant out for a morning stroll

The daylillies continue to add color and beauty to the garden.

Won't you join us over at Studio Waterstone for I heart Macro Sunday's?


  1. Laura, these are just wonderful! I love your droplet shots. The lilies are in full bloom here too and so beautiful. That little guy is amazing.

  2. Gorgeous Laura!!! Those lilies look like toungues ! Eeek!

  3. I'm so excited to actually have a photo this time for I Heart Macro!

    SO love when people catch water droplets. To me, that's like magic.

  4. Every single photo is breathtaking, I so love the way water gathers in to droplets!

  5. Your pictures are absolutely incredible! I especially love the dew shots, the texture of the leaves is amazing. You must have quite a flower garden. I was amazed when I saw your hummingbirds shots. The detail of the feathers and the colors took my breath away.

  6. I'm in awe of the way you have captured nature. These are truly remarkable photos! And I see the angel wings. :)

  7. those are wonderful photos!

  8. Oh my goodness Laura the pictures are just breathtaking and I love your take on the flowers. Just amazing!

  9. really gorgeous colors, nice shots! nice flowers. the red is especially pretty!

  10. Good Golly my mouth (really) dropped open when I saw your pictures. Wow! Such beauty. I thought I took good ones err I think I need more plants like you have wow. Beautiful bravo!!

  11. These are wonderful and poetic! I could see the angle face and wings in the first picture!

  12. Laura, these are all SPECTACULAR! Makes me want to grow some hibiscus in my garden. :-)

  13. OMG! fabulous shots! I am soooo jealous!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  14. What stunning images, I wish I could take such beautiful pictures!

  15. Laura, you are really in your element when you post your garden shots! Your pictures are truly stunning. And I just know you had to be pleased with that dragonfly shot - wow. You have really arrived with your photography!!


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