Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Wind Is Out Of My Sail

The wind is out of my sails this morning.

On Monday, somewhere around 3:30 in the afternoon I think, my husband called me from his boat to ask me to take a quick ride over to the restaurant ( which is closed Mon and Tues) as he had just received a call from the alarm company that the fire detectors were going off. 
I took off to go check figuring that with the extreme heat we have been having, it just got too hot in the kitchen with the exhaust fans off and tripped the temp on the alarm.
No such luck.
As I rounded the corner I could see smoke. I got there right ahead of the 5 fire companies that responded and when i opened the front door a thick black wall of smoke came out at me.

After all was said and done, the fire chief took me in to show me that the fire apparrently started with the beer keg cooler, that it had overheated and caught the bar on fire, being a resin topped bar it ignited and burned quickly.

Showing me the hottest area that burned

It seemed at the time manageable enough that we called a restoration company and we all rolled up our sleeeves and got started in the cleanup that night.  This is after all the busiest 2 weeks of our year. Today is the famous Pony swim and Pony Penning week on Chincoteague Island.

We are so grateful that the fire didn't destroy the buildng and that we have so much to be thankful for. No one was hurt and we have a building to work with.

It's hard to keep reminding yourself  of that when everything looks like this. The smoke went through the HVAC, all 4 units and left a coating of soot EVERYWHERE

We were optimistic to be opened this weekend until last night when we were informed that the HVAC units were shot, and  the ductwork can't be cleaned because they are insulated inside.
 I know we'll get through this like everything else in life, it's just a difficult time here lately.
There are so many to pray for these days and to keep in our thoughts but if you have a few to spare , we could sure use them.
Thank you and God Bless


  1. This is absolutely devastating. I am so so sorry to hear about this. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Laura, I am so sorry this happened on top of everything else. wish I could be there with you to help out some way. You are in my prayers! Bette

  3. Laura, so sorry to hear this, but so glad you are alright! Of course you get my prayers!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry, Laura, but I am glad it wasn't worse, and that everyone is okay. I'll be thinking about you. Peace.

  5. I am so sorry, fires are really hard to clean up. Hope everything gets better soon.

  6. Laura, I'm praying for you. You've had a bout of bad luck lately with the snake bites and your son-in-law. I wish I were there to help.

  7. Laura, so sorry to hear about this. Glad no one was hurt. Hang in there. XO

  8. Hi Laura and Ray, I am so sorry ro hear about the fire. Glad to hear nobody was hurt. You are in my prayers, and hope things get better soon. Love u,and miss u! love,Fran

  9. Laurie,
    Wish you could just lock the doors of the restaurant and your mind and come to Adam's wedding tomorrow for an escape! I know you need a break from it all.
    Love, Aunt Linda

  10. Laura, this is the second time I am reading your post and it still brings tears to my eyes. Sending you a BIG HUG from the Tribe. Bette

  11. Laura, what a horrible shock to see this post today. I'm sorry I didn't realize sooner what had happened to the restaurant. I will certainly keep you, Ray, and the family of Ray's Shanty in my prayers. What a horrible experience, and of all things, during the penning week. It was heartbreaking to see the pictures - those beautiful wood walls and all of the other damage. I know I admired the beauty of your restaurant when I visited recently. I know you have been through the aftermath of a fire before and know you will pull through. I'm thinking of you and wishing you strength through this awful turn.

  12. Oh Laura, You have gone through so much lately. I can not believe my eyes...what a shock. I am always checking on you guys at the tribe and then I read this post and had to see all the pictures. I am so sorry to see this, my heart goes out to you and Ray. I will keep you in my prayers and wishing you the strength to get through all of this. Big hugs, Vik

  13. Oh no...what a horrible tragedy. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this, but at least it looks like there is some hope that things can be cleaned up and restored. Best of luck with your big job ahead.

  14. Laura - I just saw this post and I am so sorry to hear about the fire - thankful no one got hurt - but that is only a small comfort when looking at such a big project to recover. I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers your way, Elisabeth

  15. Laura, so sorry to hear about the fire and the damage done. Thankfully it sounds like it can be repaired. Good luck with all the cleaning and restoring to it's original state. A big job ahead....keep well. Hugs,

  16. Oh my! I am so sorry! I just came about your blog through Lori's Bead Soup Blog Party.
    I will keep you in my prayers.
    A big hug to you.

  17. Whoa. I do really feel for you! Hopefully this wont be too painful to make right. It hurts to of read what happened to you. We seem to of had a few things happen lately. Sons car broke down for the 2nd time in 3 months, and he will now lose his apartment, funds are low from bailing him and all of my kids out..where we *had a good nest egg. Husband messed with something on the house alarm (I can thank all the thugs here in Houston that we have to have one) and now the fines for the alarm going off will be maybe close to $400 or more. Other Son needs dental..and who to pay the bill? Need I answer this? But nothing like your going thru. May God ease your pain..I will pray for you Laura! Lots of huggs across the miles ox


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