Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Heart Macro - The Blue Version

I feel like everytime I look up it's Sunday again, anyone else feel like that? This summer is flying by!
This is the underside of the wing of a black swallowtail butterfly that I chose for this week's I heart Macro over at Studio Waterstone.

In all fairness, i got this good shot because Mr Butterfly had a head on collision with a car and was rescued and brought to me by my Dad. He was still alive and we laid him in the sunshine and after a few minutes of shaking,  peacefully left us to just ponder his beauty.

The closeup of the wings look like draped tapestry

I was amazed to see that the tendril they drink with was curled up

Then my husband shared with us a rare sight, a flying fish that flew into his boat while he was about 100 miles offshore fishing at the Washington canyon. Reminds me of a dragonfly of sorts

Such beautiful blue coloring in him too

On friday morning I left work early to head over to the 24th annual blueberry festival held on Chincoteague Island. I had preordered a bulk box of 10 pounds of blueberries that had to be picked up and we thought we would beat the heat and crowds! HA!

We parked next to this wonderful trolley , named the Pied Piper, guess there are a few and they each have names but I was taken by the great colors and graphics.

I think I've had mail delivered by this one!

It was set up really nicely, vendors outside on all sides of the building and inside as well but it was far too hot already for most people to enjoy the outdoor activities. Even in the shade.

We made a quick pass through one side of vendors before giving in to the heat. i did purchase a few goodies from this vendor, the green iron hummingbird, those 2 chippy white wall flower baskets on the upper left and a green garden trellis which my husband had to come back for in his truck.
There was a lot of jewelry vendors, several doing fused dichroic glass and about 4-6 doing seaglass creations, one with handmade lampwork, no metalsmiths that i saw, so I felt there was a little too much overlapping for any of them to stand out. i did buy a pair of real butterfly wing earrings from one vendor outside.

Mom got the homemade blueberry pie from Sugarbakers Bakery

Dad and i got the homemade blueberry ice cream which was delicious from the Island Creamery vendor.

When we got home this was the reading on my outdoor thermometer which is set on the north side of our pool deck in the shade. We were told by us the heat index hit 118 and 2 towns away it was 122. so the next blue we saw was the water of the swimming pool!
I'm sure we would have enjoyed the show more had it not been so hot. Maybe next year.

Now head on over to Lori's at studio Waterstone to see what everyone else is loving this week!


  1. WOW!!! The butterfly shots are gorgeous! The wings do look like a tapestry. Fabulous shots!

  2. Absolutely stunning shots of that butterfly...what a treat! It looks like you had a fantastic day out despite the heat....mmmm blueberries :)

  3. WOW, that butterfly, and I have never seen a flying fish up close like that.

  4. Truly awesome shots of the butterfly! I've never seen a flying fish, how interesting looking. I feel bad for the vendors at the festivals and craft shows this year. It's always hot in July but the unbearable heat is bad for business!

  5. I have never seen a flying fish! One of the best memories of our trip out east was eating fresh blueberries that were as big as cherries. The butterfly is so beautiful...I have been known to slow down to avoid hitting one......

  6. Oh my goodness, those butterfly shots are amazing! I had also never seen a flying fish before - cool!

    Alison (now feeling tempted to blow the diet for a night, that blueberry pie lookes amazing!)

  7. Love the colors on the butterfly's wings and the blueberry ice cream looked like a good way to cool off.

  8. STUNNING pictures of the poor Butterfly. The detail is incredible. Amazing what you can miss when you just look at it with your bare eyes.

  9. The butterfly wings are amazing! They look almost pixelated! I don't know how anyone took the heat it was disgusting all the way up here in CT too! Stay cool!

  10. Laura, I'm just catching up on some of my favorite blogs and here I am, finally seeing your Macro Sunday post. Ah, brings back memories...we went to the Blueberry festival there last summer. I've been busy this past week with my brother and his family visiting from FL - we went to Assateague last weekend and I took them to Island Creamery. Imagine I got to enjoy that fabulous ice cream 2 weekends in a row! :-)

  11. How did I miss this macron post? It is just so beautiful with the butterfly shots! Lordy bee your pictures are just Treasures!!!


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