Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

Yesterday I recieved my official email notification of who my bead soup partner would be,
Kari Carrigan .  I visited her blog,  Kids, Glass, Life and really enjoyed reading all about her and her wonderful family and then I visited her Etsy shop and got so excited because she does beautiful lampworked beads.
This will be the first bead soup party for both of us and we are so excited to be participating this time around! 363 people signed up for this party and Lori Anderson, our amazing hostess, has taken the time to pair everyone up individually and by hand.
I have followed the party in the past but didn't get to signup last time around. It is such a wonderful way to meet new friends in blogland and share work that we otherwise might never know.
I have started working on my bead soup mix for Kari and look forward to working with her!
Beads go out on Aug 17th and the big reveal will be Sept.17th so you'll have to check back to see then!


  1. Laura, so glad to see you joined in this time! This will be my 3rd time around....still working on my bead soup but my partner and I agreed to send them out later in the month. Will be fun!


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