Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oh Look, A Chicken!

When our nephew and Godchild was younger, he had a t-shirt that said
"They say I have A.D.D. but I think they're full of....
Oh Look, a chicken"

Well, this quickly became the punch line anytime one of us has a moment where we quickly change thoughts and conversations mid stream while someone is trying to follow along.
The person who is trying to follow along will call the talker back to reality by saying "Oh Look, a chicken" bringing to the talkers attention ( what little there is of it) that they abruptly went off on a tangent mid stream.

My nephew I will add, now grown, has an acronym on his license plate that spells, oh look a chicken.

Getting to the real story here ( and proving my point just a little bit) the other evening , my husband and i took a quick dip in the pool and shortly thereafter heard the dog barking so we looked around and this chicken was walking into our yard.
We have no idea where it came from and it wandered all around the yard and garden for awhile.
I couldn't help but say, yup, you guessed it. 
Then I guess the heat combined with 12 hour workdays are getting to me, but I just had to ask,
" so tell me, why exactly did you cross that road?"
Then i thought of taking a picture and jumped out of the pool to grab my camera saying " I need to get a picture for Patty"
At which time my husband said "who's Patty?"

They say my nephew is a lot like me but I think-

We noticed it wandered down the street to my studio and stayed around for a few days leaving piles of unpleasantries on the steps before disappearing.
"Oh Look, chicken s---"
Weird huh?


  1. Bahahahahahaahahaha Ok so a strange chicken ran into your yard and crapped on your porch and you thought of me? Bahahahahahahahahaha - I am sitting here crying I am laughing so hard!!! I am always telling my husband he has ADD only up here we say "Oh look a bear". When we first moved to this house my husband was outside with the septic guy. Part of our backyard is a plateau and the septic guy was facing my husband - my husband was facing down into the woods.As they were talking my husband screamed, "A BEAR".I guess the septic guy thought he was kidding and kept on talking until my husband made him hit the deck. Then he said something like, "Why didn't you tell me it was a REAL bear?" Haahahaha My husband was like, "Did you think I was screaming about a fake bear???" hahahahahahahahahahaha Luckily it moseyed on by and didn't crap on our porch LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. So funny!!!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!!!!

  3. @Patty..A BEAR..i thought, Oh look, a chicken! was hysterical..
    OL,AC is a favored remark in my group of friends..
    Laura, we had a rusty colored chicken appear in our neighborhood one fall..many sightings over several months, it was soo strange as we live right in the middle of the city.

  4. Funny! I'll take that chicken. It's a barred plymouth rock and they are on my list of breeds for the yet to be built chicken coop. Seriously, I love chickens except for the poop part they are great to have around.

  5. Hilarious! Going to remember that one for some time to come.... Beautiful chicken!

  6. Hahahaha! I think Patty's got everyone thinking about chickens! I sent her a link to little ceramic chicks that were for sale!


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