Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here She Comes!

Well, we have awakened to rain and wind already this morning. We have been making preparations for the past 2 days so hopefully we are prepared for what's coming.
i'm thankful that irene has weakend a bit but it is still going to be a hurricane when it reaches us and they say it will pound us for about 24 hours straight, have never had a hurricane last that long so I'm sure the beach erosion will be tremendous as will the coastal flooding. We are not in the mandatory evacuation zone thankfully .
We are on the Delmarva Peninsula, that area that is below Ocean City Md in the pix here. The line right below the D in MD is the Maryland / Virginia state line. I live directly below that.
My prayers go out to everyone who will be in her path over the next few days, be safe and I'll be back here as soon as power resumes which I am sure we will lose before long.

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  1. Thinking of you and grateful that Irene has weakened somewhat. Stay safe.


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