Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Things have been so crazy around here i can't even remember when I last participated in bead table wednesdays. ( actually checking back it was 7/13) This week my bead table has actually been my kitchen island where I have been doing some etching.

These are some of the pieces that have come from it. I am working on some Art Nouveau designs and so far am pleased with the results. Hopefully I can post the finished jewelry in another upcoming BTW!
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  1. Those are pertty I'm looking foward to see what they become.

  2. Ooh! I want want want that etching setup! I covet it mightily....but I need to pay off my kiln first...and then I want a rolling mill....and I need to upgrade my glass torch and get an oxy concentrator....too many awesome tools to play with!

    I bet you get GREAT results with it. Those copper pieces look fabulous!

  3. These are fabulous! I'd love to learn how to etch, but I'm a bit frightened at the thought of all those chemicals, or the cost of purchasing the kind you use. There's so many things I need, uh I mean want, in order to take my craft to the next level.

  4. These are great!
    I don't know anything about etching, but it does seem complicated!


  5. Very cool. I've got etching on my list of things to try. I can't resist art nouveau so your pics are pushing me to make a move!

  6. What a great Set up! Ive seen the most lovely etchings..I would Love to do this too..maybe before long? Lampworks got me for now lol. Your etchings are just lovely Laura!

  7. Beautiful etchings! I want to do the reverse of what you're doing and copper plate some steel things I have. Someday...

  8. What gorgeous etchings! Can't wait to see what you come up with for those :)

  9. Hi your etching looks great, I did some experimenting with acid, but need more practice to post a picture.

    BSBP participant


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