Saturday, May 28, 2011

Showers Of Flowers

Sitting on our front porch, it almost seems as if it's snowing outside.
Our lawn and part of the street is covered with the flowers of our majestic Catalpa tree.
This tree gives wonderful shade to our front lawn for most of the hot afternoons of summer and is a home to many happy birds.
You can see by it's irregular shape that it's had many trimmings by the state to uncover the wires.

A lot of bird families have been raised in all the nooks and crannies

The fragrant flowers are profuse and look like miniature orchids 
The seed pods look like long string beans which land and take root fairly easily. We have given away many of the saplings over the years and fearing the eventual demise of our tree, have even planted another one in our backyard which is already over 20 feet tall and flowering. 
A faerie's eye view

Hope you enjoy the outdoors this spectacular weekend

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  1. What a gorgeous shower of flowers, Laura! I especially love that last one!


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