Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week In History

25 Years ago this week we did a crazy thing. 
We opened a restaurant.
Now, what makes this a crazy thing is that neither one of us knew the first thing about running a restaurant.
 It was just a dream.
I was an R.N. and my husband was a commercial fisherman, a lifelong waterman as it's known around here.
What we did know is that we liked to cook for people.  See what I mean? Crazy!
We opened it in an area that everyone told us no one would come to, off the beaten path, out of the way in an old building that we spent the better part of a year renovating before opening.
Sitting here writing this,  it feels like a lifetime ago.
 Or even someone elses life.
 Like a story that's been told so many times you start to feel like it's real and that you were a part of it but it's somewhat fuzzy.
I don't know where 25 years has gone but I do know this-
People did come find us-
We are blessed to have some of the best and most faithful customers on the planet-
People come from several states away to eat with us-
We have watched our children, our employees, our employees' children and now our grandchildren grow up as part of this business-
We have shared in our employees and customer's lives and the lives of their families, we don't take a single thing for granted and appreciate every day we are given and every customer that continues to grace our threshold-
Thank you and God Bless everyone who has helped to make the dream come true.
Crazy as it is


  1. Oh Laura, what a MILESTONE!!! Congratulations to you both. I absolutely LOVE that you caught this picture in front of your sign with the date and all. Wow....25 years. It goes by so fast, doesn't it? I bet there was a whole lot of celebrating going on at the Shanty today! Well I'm sending you a big toast and a hug...and I'm looking forward to finally eating at your wonderful restaurant this summer! I'll be there (or I should say WE - me and the clan)!

  2. What a great post! I vowed to take this Friday night and wander around blog-land and read all the things I've been skipping over because I work too much. It's so neat to know that you can take a big risk and actually make it work with lots of love and hard work. I've been on the "safe" career path for a long time with the military but the opportunity to retire is on the horizon and I don't know how I'm going to handle it...I'd love to say I'll jump off and try to fly but baby steps might be an option, too. I guess we'll see...I still have some years to figure it out.
    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and the positive reinforcement. :)
    Have a great weekend!


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